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Broken Toe and a Contrite Spirit December 10, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, first and foremost....the 9 year old kid got baptized!!!! It was awesome!! Last Saturday night. Super fun. I'm going to be honest, the actual service was really irreverent. People started clapping after the actual ordinance. Oh boy....gotta love Italians. Despite that, a lot of people felt the spirit. The couple that we are teaching are super excited to get baptized. If all goes well, they will be baptized within a month or so. Then another one of our baptism dates said that he really wants to be baptized too. He's less ready though. Then another investigator told us that he felt like he has to be baptized, so we set a baptismal date with him yesterday. On top of that, we got in contact with two new families that members brought. It was awesome!!!! Ravenna is on fire!!!! 

In sadder news, Anz Polson is leaving us. (He says hi back Mom.) I'm sad to see him go. He was a lot of fun. My new companion is Anz Cardullo. He was actually Anz Parker's MTC comp, so I've met him once or twice. He kinda reminds me of Jason. I'm excited to continue the work forward here in Ravenna. The Lord has high expectations for us here. 

Now, about the title. It was obviously a play on words on the scriptures, "broken heart and contrite spirit", found in D&C 20:37. The reason I said that is because Anz Polson wanted me to always remember him, so he broke my toe the other night. Don't worry. It wasn't on purpose and we weren't wrestling or anything. it was actually really dumb. I was standing at the bathroom door talking to him as he brushed his teeth and as he came out of the door he kicked my foot and snapped my pinky toe. It's kinda black and blue right now. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it's just annoying and I kinda limp right now. Oh well, pazienza.

We had a really fun bowling activity with our branch the other night that went really well. We had a ton of nonmembers show up. I won with a 120, which was really pathetic if you ask me, but oh well. It was really nice to just kinda relax and enjoy being with people for an hour or so, because this past week has been really stressful for many reasons. Basically, it's safe to say, that being a missionary is the most stressful thing that I've ever done, but  I love it so much. It is a blast.

Totally random question, but do you still have that pinata head, or did you throw it out? I hope you didn't. I thought about it the other day because that actor just died and one of our south American investigators was really sad.

Well, thanks for the sports report dad. I love this time of year. College bowl games are so much fun to watch. Let's hope BYU wins this year.

That church mosaic that Tim was talking about it sweet. I've seen it twice. It's super cool. I'll definitely take you guys there. As for looking at hotels, I haven't been doing that, but I'll start I guess. What if I can grab up a spot in someone's house? I know of a couple of members who offered to give us a place to stay if we came to visit. I don't know. I'll keep my eyes out. It will probably be easier for you dad to just look online because we never have time to go into hotels and get quotes. haha.

Please keep reminding me about BYU deadlines. Those are important. I'm trying to talk with my friends via email to get some ideas for housing when we get back, but they are usually slow to respond. 

Mom, I am currently on the lookout for a nativity for Linda, so I will get you one as well. I love Italy during the Christmas season. I wish you could see it. It is so beautiful. I don't think I need anything from America, but I still like gifts if you want to send something. It's not necessary. If I think of something, I will let you know.

Don't lose the faith. Keep on working hard. I love you all.

Anziano Langlois

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