Sunday, January 11, 2015

Road Trip! January 7, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, its only the 7th of January and we have already used half our kilometers for the month. Yay! haha. In our defense, we had to go to consiglio (which was really good), and then we did two scambi this week. One in Rimini and one in Ancona, where we are now. So we've put on a few kilometers. The good thing is that after we get home, we only have one more scambio and it's in Forlì, so it's not that far. But looks like we will be on bikes more this week. However, I do need to fix my bike. I've had no time to do so. Oh well.

I love being zone leader. It's so much fun to get to know all the missionaries. I love my zone a ton. We had such a good zone training the other day. The spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve the members of my zone. 

One thing I've really started to notice a lot more now on my mission is how great of friends I've made. I don't really notice until they start going home. I had to say goodbye to a really good friend at consiglio the other day, and it was hard. I know I will see them again, but it's hard to beat the great bond that the mission is for us. The other day, we drove up to consiglio with one coppia of anziani and we had a blast. Then we took a different coppia home and we had a blast there too! I love the mission so much. Everyday I realize how much I'm going to miss this time I have. It's going way too fast. I'm actually starting to get kinda emotional right now. This is weird. 

I'm so grateful for this time to serve the Lord. I apologize that this email is super short. I have a million things to say right now, but I just can't seem to find the words to say them. Everyone that has served a mission understands how I'm feeling right now. 

Thank you mom and dad for raising me in the gospel. I may have been a little bit of a headache in the past and I may have done some stupid things, but I want you to know that I love you so much and I'm so grateful for what you have given me. I wouldn't be the man that I am right now without you. I really just want to thank everyone that has helped me along in my life. I have the best friends ever and I love you all. My teachers and leaders have been such great examples to me and I love them just as much. Thank you everyone. I really feel a deep gratitude for you all right now. So thank you. I love you so much.

Statemi bene. Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Langlois

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