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Buon Natale! December 24, 2014

Buon Natale tutti!!!!!!

Spero che questa stagione speciale vi trovi in un tempo bello e sereno.

I love Christmas so much. It is the best time of the year. What a beautiful country to be in as well for Christmas. I can't believe this is my second and last Christmas here in Italia. Time goes by way too fast.

Well, this letter won't be really long because we are going to Skype Tomorrow. The plan is at 8:00 your time.

We also have been baking cookies. Yesterday morning, we baked a ton of sugar cookies that we are going to give to members and investigators tonight when we go carol to them. It made us feel like we were at home again. haha.

It doesn't matter that my Christmas gift is late, I got a great gift last night. Anziano Windley came and spent the night in our apartment because his comp and to get his permesso. It was so great to see him again. We can't believe just how fast the last year has gone. I still remember Skyping HIS family in Prato last year! haha.

Speaking of caroling, we had some cool miracles the other night. The other night, we went out caroling with the Sorelle in Centro. We met near the big Christmas tree, but there was a problem. No one was there. Literally zero people were walking past. However, on a cold December night that close to natale, it was the best thing that we could do with our time, so we decided to sing anyway. After we started singing people starting coming out from literally nowhere. A young man started talking to us and then pulled out his phone and said, "can we exchange numbers?". Then a family walked past and asked us if they could give us some money, we told them no and gave them a "Egli รจ il dono" pass along card instead. I also started talking to man and after giving him a pass along card, he asked me if we could leave him with something more, so I gave him an opuscolo of the restauration. Then the biggest miracle of all was that one of our investigators who we had not seen for a long time walked past. He left today to go back to Spain and we really wanted to keep him in contact with the missionaries there, but we decide have his info. Luckily, we ran into him while we were singing and we were able to get the information that we need to pass him to the missionaries there. It really was a night full of Christmas miracles. This is such a great time to be serving the Lord here in Italia. I really have seen so many blessings every single day.

In other news, like I said last week, I was kinda sick. Well, we were going to go on a historical tour of Ravenna with this member, but we didn't because I was sick. Then he stopped by to say hi to us, but unfortunately we weren't home. Well, we called him this week to see him and he decided to take us out to lunch in the small city, Comacchio, which is a little Venezia, but it was too foggy, so we went somewhere else and I'm not joking, we literally went to five restaurants looking for one that was open. It was ridiculous. That's one of the problems of Italia, restaurants are closed at lunch! That doesn't make any sense. Oh well. We ended up going to an adventure with him, and during that we went on a ferry boat, and found a ton of yak statues. Yeah, I know, kinda weird. but he was so sweet. I love members. They are so great.

Now for worldly news. That's super awesome that BYU made it to the finals, but that stinks that they lost. That's cool that Hamsen got drafted. What team is she going to?

Well, I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. I hope you have a great Christmas eve or vigiglia as they call it here.

I love you all!!!

Spero che tutti voi, chiunque sei, un amico, un parente, un fratello, un conoscente, o un straniero, abbiate un buon natale e capo d'anno!!!! Dio vi benedica.

Anziano Langlois

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