Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rainvenna December 3, 2014

Ciao tutti.

Well, it's been raining literally for the past week straight. It's not super fun. I'm very wet. Good thing we're on a new month, so we have a new set of kilometers for the car. Now we can use it instead of biking in the rain, like we've been doing.

It sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving day weekend. Ours was pretty good too. We preached the gospel. haha. We did have a Thanksgiving day party that was a good success. We had twice as many nonmembers as members there. Talk about awesome. They was literally enough dolci to sink a ship, like Anz Polson always says. I didn't end up eating anything that night though because there were literally always people around the food table and the whole reason we did that activity is to meet new people, so I went around and talked to a ton of people. Our members said that it was the most successful activity that they have ever had. Awesome, right?

We also went and played some calcio this week with some of our investigators. It was super fun. I know it doesn't really matter, but I totally killed it. I played really well. I'm getting a lot better. I also played against an ex pro soccer player....maybe....still not sure about that one. But I did beat him. hehehe..get schooled son.

In random news, we've been trying to get our car fixed ever since before I got here, when the anziani before me got in an accident, and we just now are getting it fixed this week....maybe. And then we just found out that we need an oil change. I'm tempted to just do it myself, but I don't think the mission will let us. Everything relating to cars here is super expensive. Holy cow. Over 1000 euro for just two plastic parts. It's a total ripoff. 

We also had some success this week with social media finding. We are really focusing on getting our members to use social media to share the gospel. We had a member come to teach a lesson with us, but unfortunately our investigator didn't show up. So we decided to watch He is the Gift with him, and then we asked him if he knew of anyone that would benefit from this Christmas message. He immediately pulled out four or five names and that very night, sent off this video to his friends. It was great. We will be following up on these friends of his shortly.

Speaking of that video. you should all go watch it. I also want you mom or Lizzy or someone to post that video on my Facebook with this status:

Christmas is such a special time of year. It's not because of the presents or the fact that families are usually together. It's because the whole world, regardless of their circumstance, career, or belief, turns their heart toward the first and ultimate gift of Christmas; the savior, Jesus Christ. He is the gift that keeps on giving. We can find more happiness and satisfaction in our lives thanks to Him, then we could ever find on our own. He lives. I testify that He loves every one of us. Discover what He offers you. Embrace His loving grace. Share the joy it brings with everyone. #sharethegift

I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father inspired men throughout history to create the technology that we have today, like the internet, social media, smart phones. I know that this is a fulfillment of the ancient prophecy that every nation, people, and tongue will hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love serving the Lord. I can't believe I have only 6 months left to serve Him here in Italia. I truly am blessed in more ways than you can imagine. I love this country. I love these people. I love the gospel. I love my savior.

Anziano Langlois 

Christmas Came Early November 26,2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, I guess I got this from dad, but I'm already excited for Christmas. We've been listening to Christmas music for weeks now. haha. And Anz Polson likes country music, so it always makes me think of you dad. Whenever he asks me if he can turn on music I always say, "slaves need music too". Of course, I had to kinda explain that one to him at first, but now he's used to it. haha.

Alright, so basically this weekend was awesome. We went up to consiglio, which was really fun. It was Anz Andersen's birthday, so I got to wish him happy birthday in person which was really fun. Then the next day, we went to Prato (yes, I made it back!!) for the Saturday session of stake conference. It was literally the best thing ever. We had some time, so I took Anz Polson on a giro of my old stomping grounds. I love that city. It is so pretty. Then I just got to see member and member and talk to them and you should have seen the smile on my face. I was literally the happiest man alive. I. LOVE. PRATO. I miss the members soooo much. They literally had to pull me out of there to go home. I didn't want to leave. The really cool thing was that this one member family's son (who's not a member yet, but we were super good friends) came only because he heard that I was going to be there. When he got there, he started looking through the crowd for me (I saw him first) and we he saw me, he had the biggest smile on his face. It was so awesome to see him. I love that kid!!! (If all goes well, and my pictures work this time, he's the one with curly black hair and his arm around me). Anyway, it was literally like Christmas for me. So great to see everyone. I basically already have some appointments set up for us when we go to visit Prato. haha.

That's all great and fun, but now it's time for such a hugeeee miracle!!!!

We are teaching this family where the wife is atea (aethist) and has been really hard to work with, because she believes in all of the commandments and in the bible and the Book of Mormon, but she doesn't believe that God exists. I know, its kinda weird. But during the past few weeks, she's started to pray and she feels really good when she prays. And then, after we invited her to literally ask God if he exists in a prayer, she had a dream that night, where her brother who had passed away and was really close to her told her to keep reading the Book of Mormon and to keep following the path that she is on. She then had this same dream the next night. We testified about the many different ways God answers our prayers and last night, she told us that she actually believes in God now. She said that she's had too many proofs lately to say that God doesn't exist. We couldn't believe our ears. Miracles really do happen!! Even the coldest of hearts can be softened by the power of the spirit.

We had a baptismal interview for the 9 year old kid and he passed, so he'll be baptized on the 6th. Super awesome. This family that I just mentioned above have their interview on Saturday, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully we are going to have a very white Christmas, if you know what I mean. (hint: baptismal clothing is white) haha.

OK, in other news. Congrats on Regiment's finish. That's a good score in WBA. Way to go and not to fall to silly gimmicks. It's called MARCHING BAND, not run around and cover up your bad marching with "jazz running" and props. Sorry dad. I guess I'm kind of a purist. haha. Thanks for the pictures. I really like the new uniforms. They are sweet. They are also very Blue Devils. Oh BP. hahaha. Speaking of him, he needs to write me sometime and tell me when the jazz CD will be done (if that ever happens). 

That's so cool that you thought of Shelise to help out at work. She's super brava, so tell her I say hi! Don't worry dad, when I get back, you'll have your runner back. I love driving way too much. haha.

That's really crazy that everyone is coming home right now! It makes me remember how fast the end is coming. I'm not ready!!! haha

That's really cool about Josh's mission he gets to go on. I was actually wondering how he was doing. He must be doing better. Send him my love and support.

Well, I'm going to try and attach some photos. So let's hope it works.

Oh yeah, now like I'm counting or anything, but less than a month until Skype on Christmas. WHAT?!?!? That's crazy.

Well, I love you all so much and I love hearing from you all! Hope you have a great week!! Remember, Facebook for the dead and then I invite you all to post a Mormon message on your Facebook page this week. It's such a powerful way to share the gospel!!! We are going to flood the earth with the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet. I am a witness of this.

Siate fedeli,
Anziano Langlois

Anziano Andersen

Monday, November 24, 2014

Raining in Romagna November 19, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, it's been a very wet and cold week. Usually when it rains, its kinda warm, but not this week. It's been pretty darn cold and it's rained for about four days straight. Fun stuff. I would say that with the car it's not a big deal, but unfortunately because we have to go to Milano twice this month (the second time this Friday), and to Firenze yesterday for a zone conference with Elder Fingerle of the 70 (it was really cool), and we have a really long zone that stretches all the way down to Ancona 130 km away, we're easily going to go over our km limit this month, so we have been on bikes all week and it's just so much fun in the cold rain. We haven't got drenched yet, but who knows how long that will last.

Any who, despite a lot of rain and equally a lot of bidoni (does that make any sense to you? Probably not. It's when some one doesn't show up and flakes on you. we literally say, "ci ha dato un bidone", which means "he gave us a trash can/dumpster". Yeah, kinda weird, but it makes sense to me). It's been a tough week here in Ravenna. Unfortunately we've lost two of our baptism dates just because they are impossible to see and they won't be ready in time, but our other baptism dates are really going strong. We are currently fasting with one of them to help him quit smoking. The work is going well here. I'm happy. It's good.

Well, like I said, we went to Firenze yesterday. It was super fun. We took a slightly longer (time wise) path, so we could go through the beautiful Toscana hills. Totally worth it. We ended up bring the Sorelle with us, so it was pretty fun. Got some great pictures of the beautiful Italian country side. I love this country. In other news, Firenze is a stressful city to drive in. haha. It was much easier on train when I was in Prato. haha. I saw old friends at this conference like Anz Parker, Erickson, Johnson, and others. It was really great to see them again.

Anyway, about Elder Fingerle. He's from Germany and he's in the third quorum of the 70 I think. He is super into family history work. We talked about something he likes to call, "Facebook for the dead". It's the "memories" section of where you can upload pictures, stories, documents, audio and other stuff to kinda make like a "facebook page" for someone who has passed on. He invited us to invite you as well as our members and nonmembers to upload pictures and stories o four ancestors onto familysearch. Well, here it goes, I invite you to do that. haha. I've really felt the spirit of Elijah just talking about family history work. It is so interesting and cool. Just the other week, Linda sent me some stories and pictures of our ancestors from Mom's side of the family. It was really cool and I've been able to share some of those stories with people to help them get interested. So, will you do it? [Insert "yes!" here]

Well, in other random news, I'm sad to hear that BYU soccer is out. Peccato. Next season I'll be there to cheer them on in person. Whoa...that's weird. 

Before I forget again. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ERIN!!!!!! I had it written on my calendar, but I totally forgot to write you last week. Sorry! I really hope it was a great day. I thought about you a lot and told everyone that it was your birthday. haha.

OK, random question. The other day I was thinking about friends I wanted to get in contact with and someone came to mind, so I'm going to ask you to do me a huge favor mom, or better yet, Lizzy because mom might forget (love you mom). Can you go on my facebook and find my friend "Jenny Sawyer"'s email? If it's not on her page, just send her a message explaining that you're my sister/mom and that I wanted to write her. In the random situation that you're actually reading this yourself Jenny, please, write me. haha.

OK, random thought done.

Well, I heard that a missionary from Anz Polson's ward, Elder Boyce, is now in good old TO. Lucky man. What a great city. TO3!!!! WHOO!!!! haha.

It's crazy that my friends that are girls are now finishing their missions. That's so weird. And I have some other friends back at BYU who are getting married. Even weirder! Life moves fast. I'm just trying to keep up.

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all so much!

Anziano Langlois

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saluti Da San Francisco November 12, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!!

Well, in case you were wondering, I'm not really in San Francisco, but I did just get back from Ancona which is basically an Italian and smaller version of it. This week has been crazy for me. On Monday morning, we drove down to Rimini for district meeting and then I went down to Pesaro with Anz Orso for a super fun scambio. Then the next morning, Anz Polson came and picked me up and we headed down to Ancona for their district meeting, followed by a blitz with the Anz down there. I was with Anz Pugsley. He's a cool guy. For lunch in Ancona we went to this place with giro pizza, which means that they just keep bringing it out until you tell them to stop. For 10 euro, it was payed off in a matter of a few pizzas. They brought out all different kinds and it was super good. they were kinda getting mad because we kept asking for more pizza. haha. 

Later that night, me and Pugsley basically got taught by this African preacher. That was pretty fun. He knew his bible very well and he was very excited about it. However, he didn't want to accept the Book of Mormon, even after I used the bible to prove it. Oh well, you can't win all of them. You were right dad. It's really important to know your bible. It really comes in handy sometimes. Especially with Africans who love their bible and are skeptical of anything else.

Funny story. Today we went down to the "docks" in Ancona and it reminded me so much of Northern California. It was beautiful. of course I had to climb on rocks and almost get splashed by the waves. haha. Too much fun. But then this random half naked old guy sun tanning started talking to me and when he found out I was from California, he got super excited and told me that we had to exchange emails. I did. Totally worth it. haha. I love Italians.

As for miracles this week, we set three baptismal dates!!! WHOO WHOO!!!!! If all goes well, we will have 6 baptisms in Dicembre. We are super pumped. We have been working so hard non stop and we are happy to finally see the fruits of our efforts.

On Sunday, we had to travel to Rimini to meet with our high councilman. We took the train and we had some great success talking to people on the way there and back. On the way back, we saw this couple that was very confused running around looking for their train to Ravenna. We helped them find the train and with their bags and we decided to sit next to them. They were a couple from Taranto and they were very happy to see giovani that were out doing good in the world and that spoke Italian. We talked to them the whole train ride and invited them to talk with the missionaries down in Taranto. We then helped them carry their bags to their hotel. They were very impressed by our willingness to help and we left them with a Restoration pamphlet to read on their trip. As we were leaving the train though, I noticed that a man was reading a book called "come leggere il vangelo e non perdere la fede" (how to read the gospel and not lose faith). Since I did not have the opportunity to talk to him during the trip, as we pulled into the station in Ravenna, I took my chance. He had been listening to our conversation with the couple from Taranto and was interested to learn more. We exchanged numbers and will be meeting with each other soon. Our President is really trying to get us to be more diligent on train finding which is hard for us because we rarely take trains, but when we do, we try our best. It's so awkward sometimes!!! haha. But that's the way missionary work it. We are awkward people! 

Well, I'm sad to hear that we lost the game, but I'm jealous that you guys got to go. I miss going to soccer games. 

As always, you guys are great missionaries and I love it! Every member needs to be like you guys!

That's crazy that Matt is finishing his mission. That must mean that Sam Cooley is getting pretty close too. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Before we know it, it will be Christmas skyping time. Crazy!!

Lizzy, keep working on your college apps. I know they seem hard, but its worth it. BYU is the best!!!! As you know, I didn't want to go. But after I spent a year there, I can't see myself anywhere else. It is truly a unique atmosphere and I love it. Do the best you can on your apps and the Lord will do the rest. I know he's got a plan for you. So don't worry about it. Just do it! haha

Well, like always, I'm really bad at sending pictures. I promise that I'm taking them! My camera battery must be dying because it doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to. Oh well.

Buona settimana a tutti e spero che sia piena di gioia e felicità!!!

Anziano Langlois

Wait...What Happened?? November 5, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Alright, let me just start off by saying, a lot of things happen every day, but when I come to write my email, I don't remember any of them. I usually run over my journal before I come and write down notes about things to talk about, but today, I didn't have time because we went with our entire zone (minus the sorelle) to San Marino. It was super windy and kinda rainy, but still really fun. A bunch of the guys bought swords. Silly goofs. I don't have room for a samurai sword in my luggage. haha. We went to this fancy restaurant there because no one was there and it wasn't that expensive. After talking to the hostess for a couple of minutes, she complimented me on my Italian and was shocked to hear that I've only been here for a year and a half. Now, before you say anything dad, yes, I know. Never be satisfied. Don't worry. I'm studying my Language every single day (when we have time). It's so weird to think that I perfectly understand a differently Language that I never even studied until a year and a half ago. Talk about the gift of tongues. Speaking of that, I Always think about you dad when that man on your mission asked you if you believe in the gift of tongues. haha.

Well, this week has had a ton of miracles. We are working with this man from Kazakhstan who knew the Church and the missionaries there. This past Sunday, during the fast and testimony meeting, he kept on turning over to me to tell me that he really liked that testimony, or to share some positive comment. After Church, we taught him a lesson and he told us that he really liked fast and testimony meeting. After a great lesson talking about the Restoration, we answered some of his concerns about the Book of Mormon, and then he told us that he wants to be a member of this Church. Not only that, but a perfect member. He really has a great desire to gain a testimony for himself and he is really putting in his effort to read the book of Mormon and pray about the truthfulness of it.

This past Monday, we went up to Milano for consiglio (I drove both ways...boy that was tiring, but fun) and I got to see Anz Andersen and Windley who both just went capo. I love those guys so much. They are so much fun. They haven't changed a bit. But that's not the important part. So we Always have trainings from the AP's and Pres and what not, but this time, It was different. We were talking about Always finding people on buses and trains and whatnot, so what we did instead of a lecture, was they gave us each bus or metro tickets and assigned us to a metro or bus line and told us to not come back until lunch. It was awesome! Anz Polson and I have no idea where this bus route was, but after we found it we started talking to this lady standing at the stop. After she figured out that we were "Mormons" she asked us if we knew her cousin. No joke, I knew her. Her cousin is the Relief Society president in Pavia. Where I spent 7 months, if you don't remember, so I knew her super well. I immediately said a prayer of thanks in my heart and we started talking to her about her life and whatnot. We rode the bus together to the capolinea and got off and talked to her from about 20 minutes. At the end we invited her to Church and she said she would come! We got her contact info and passed it to the sorelle there in Milano, one of which, happens to be Sorella Carter from my Group (who is finished her mission this transfer.....super weird....I'm old), who also served in Pavia, so she knows this lady's cousin as well. It was literally the coolest miracle ever!!!! I was so pumped and it blew Slla Carter's mind. haha. I can testify that the Lord places people in our path. It was not by chance that we got assigned to that bus route and we chose that random bus stop.

In other news, I wanted to share a story with you from the New Testament. It's found in Matt 19. It's the story of the Young rich man who goes to Jesus and asks him how to get eternal life. Christ responds by telling him to keep the commandments, but after the Young rich man proudly tells him that he has Always kept those from his Youth up, he asks a very profound and soul searching question: "what lack I yet?". Perhaps the boy did not realize the depth of his honest question, but we can all learn something really important from this simple question. The Lord responds by telling him to sell his riches and give to the poor, but that is not the answer for all of us. In fact, the Lord was telling this specific man, the specific thing that he needed to change in his life. This question is linked with a personal commandment. I know that if we humbly ask the Lord this question in our lives, we will find a great opportunity to grow and become more like Christ. It won't be easy to change that one thing, just like how it wasn't easy for the rich man to sell all of his riches, but I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart, that it is Worth it. So this is my invite to you. I want you all to look deep down inside yourselves and humbly ask this question, "What lack I yet?" and then do all that you can to change that one aspect of your life and I promise you that you will see joy in your life that you didn't know was possible. You will find strength Beyond your own. I know, because I have seen that in my life. The atonement of Christ is real, and it is available to all of us. Never forget that.

I love you all so very much and I wish you the best of the best in this upcoming season of Christmas. Don't forget the spirit of giving and selfless service, because that is where the real joy and happiness comes from.

Con tanto amore,
Anziano Langlois

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let's Go A Fishing October 29, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Life is going good here in Ravenna. Busy as ever. This transfer flew by. I can't believe it's pretty much over. Anz Polson and I are staying together for his last transfer, so I finally get to "kill" someone in the mission. (companion will finish his mission and return home) WHOO!!! haha. I heard that Anz Johnson is going to Siena (lucky dog), so I'll get to see him again in a few weeks at zone conference. We are losing Sorella Yost, who's been here in Ravenna for the past 6 months and literally the branch is in tears to see her leave. She did some really great work here in Ravenna, and we are definitely going to miss her. But that is the life of a missionary. Oh well. haha

Crazy random note. The other day, we ran into the sorella in centro after getting a bidone, and so we were talking for a minute. Randomly this old man walks up to us and asks us if we are english, we told him we were americans and he asked us where we were from. I said California, and so he asked me from what part. I said Los Angeles, and then he said "oh, well I lived in Thousand Oaks for a couple months". WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! I was so caught of guard. He didn't believe me when I told him that I was from there. He is just this rich old man who travels across the world and a few years ago lived in good old TO. Represent!

Anyway, we've been running around like crazy this past week. We had two surprise baptismal interviews that we had to do in the zone. One in Pesaro and one in San Marino, so we lived in the car for a few days pretty much. haha. It's so nice to have a car. It makes traveling so much easier.

We had some sweet miracles this week. One miracle was a couple weeks in the making. My first week here, we started teaching this family that used to be investigators years ago. As we've gone over there the past few weeks, we have noticed their willingness to learn more about the gospel. After a hang-gliding accident, where the mother was seriously injured, the family has really started to change for the better. They are trying so hard to save their marriage and family, which before the accident, was crumbling quickly. Last Sunday, the wife came to church for all 3 hours, which is a huge deal because her back still causes her a lot of pain. On Monday, we went over to see them and we had an amazing lesson with our Branch Mission Leader. The spirit was really strong and after talking for a good 20 minutes about it, we set a baptismal date with the husband and wife (who claims to not believe in God). Then the father gave one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard, where he pleaded for the Lord to show him the right path to follow to hold his family together. This family has literally made leaps and bounds in the past few weeks. Every time we go over to see them, they are so happy to have us and to feel the spirit. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to know this family. They are very close to our hearts and we are working so hard to bring them the joy of the gospel.

Then, we were able to meet with this super awesome investigator that the sorelle passed us. He's from Barcelona and is super awesome!!!1 Holy cow, talk about prepared. He just sat and listened with an amazing expression on his face as we taught him the Restoration. It was such a miracle how he got found. I don't remember if I already told you, but if not, the sorelle were talking to someone on the street in English one night and he happened to walk past and hear them. It was his 2nd night there in Ravenna and he had no idea why he accepted the job here in Ravenna. He is so cool! And he came to church this week! Not to mention, like two days after meeting the sorelle, he came to general conference and absolutely loved it! He still talks about it. There are so many cool people here in Ravenna!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!

Then yesterday, one of our members, who is hilarious, took us out to lunch at this seafood restaurant at the marina. Holy cow....I've never seen so much seafood on my plate at one time. It's kinda like that bucket of seafood you can get at Joe's Crab Shack. But it was mixed with homemade spaghetti and this amazing sauce. Holy cow. It was sooooo good. Then we ate even more fish after that. It was awesome! I love Italian food!!!!!

Basically, like every week, it's been crazy. I love it so much, but I'm so tired all the time. It's better this way though.

Thanks for the world series update dad. I bet the Giants win again. Man, they are so good these days.

Danielle's wedding sounds just like I would imagine it to be.  I'm really happy for her and Courtney.

Tell everyone back that I love them!

I hope you have a great week everyone!!!!!

Vi voglio bene!

Anziano Langlois


I Believe in Miracles!! October 22, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

I don't know how it's possible, but this city is literally the city of miracles. It's crazy. Every day brings at least one new miracle. It's so awesome! The Lord is definitely hastening his work here in this part of Italy.

Miracle time!
We have been working with this 9 year old boy in our branch here in Ravenna for a while now and every time we bring up baptism his mom gets really defensive and apprehensive. This past lesson we planned on talking to him alone right after the lesson. He said the closing prayer and then looked at us and said "I don't know why, but I feel that when I get home, I will know what day I need to get baptized". It literally shocked us that the spirit answered him that quickly and that clearly. We talked about the spirit and how he testifies of truth and then we set a baptismal date. He then went home and asked his dad for permission, which his mother was really worried about, and the father said yes, but he wants to push the date back a week or two. It was such an amazing miracle to see how Heavenly Father answers all of his children, even a 9 year old boy in Ravenna, Italy.

We also had some other amazing miracles this week. A random less active (that we didn't even know existed) called us yesterday at lunch asking to meet with us. Then on Sunday, a random man walked into church and after talking to him, we found out that he was studying here in Ravenna, but is from Khazikstan. He was an investigator there and he told us that he's pretty sure he will be baptized soon. He found the church here in Ravenna with the help of some of his friends from Idaho. It was such a blessing to just have this amazing person walk into the church and find you!

We also had a mostra in centro this weekend with our members. It was a great success, especially with the giovanni. We do not have a lot here in Ravenna, so the fact that we got the phone numbers of 5 or 6 giovanni during these 3 days was a real miracle.

Every day, I realize more and more why the Lord sent me here to Ravenna. It is so amazing to think how perfectly the Lord has guided my mission. It really is an honor to serve Him.

Another miracle was the fact that we got to go to Pavia this week to pick up my permesso, so I got to eat lunch with the De Simone family again. It was the best. They are so great. I love them so much. I love seeing them. I miss them a ton. On the downside, that cost a lot of money, so we are pretty much broke right now as we wait for our reimbursements to come in from the mission. haha. Good thing its not my turn to pay for gas. haha

Sports time! 

That's crazy that the Giants are in the world series AGAIN. Holy cow!!!! They are always good now a days. they are like the Yankees of olden times. Well, keep me updated please.

That stinks that BYU football is a lost cause now, but soccer is still going strong! Yes!!! I love it!

I'm excited to Skype you guys on Christmas. It will be cool to see everyone there again like last year. Especially because there will be two new faces. 

Keep up the good work with the missionaries dad. Member help is key!! You're always a great example to me.

Band time!

That sounds like an interesting show title. Sounds very BP. haha. OH well. They got new uniforms? You will have to send me a picture sometime. I'm curious what they look like. haha. Isn't that weird though that this is the last year of going to marching band shows? You never thought it would end did you? haha

Confession time!

OK dad. I know you tell me to study my language every day, but I have to be honest. We literally have no time to do language study during the day. We are always running around doing stuff. We are trying to SYL more. It's kinda hard in the car. You feel like you're at home and you kinda forget sometimes. haha. Whoops...but when I have time, I study my language and I speak it every day during lessons so that's good practice, right?

Thinking of Christmas, are there any special things you guys want from Italy this Christmas? I'm going to start getting gifts, so let me know.

I love this work. I love being ZL. It's super busy and super fun. Scambi for days!!! haha. We are always running around and I'm so tired at the end of the day. I never have time for me. OH well, pazienza. haha

Well, I love you all so much and wish you all a happy and joyful week!

Anziano Langlois

Explosion in Ravenna October 15, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Don't worry, nothing bad happened. It's just a reference to the work here right now. It's going great!

First things first, CHRIS GOT MARRIED?!?!?!?!? That's nuts!!!!! I'm so pumped for him!! Freak. I was not expecting that one. haha. Sean falling asleep with his horsie to Tellitubbies, I can kinda expect that one. haha. I love you man. If you make it back here in Dicembre, I'm probably still going to be here in Ravenna, but who knows. I'll keep you updated.

Business first. Thank you again for sending that form to Sorella Harmer. I think that should be fine, but I'll let you know if they want a hard copy. I need to start thinking about classes soon. OH stuff. But as for housing, I've been talking to my buddies from BYU about that, and we are kind of organizing something. Basically, we know we want to live together, but we don't know where or how. haha. I just need someone to look at housing for me, because I can't really from here. I might be able to get permission from Pres, but I don't know. Bo...

Speaking of driving, it's still awesome. Driving in Italy is kinda like driving in LA, but slightly more crazy. You have to be super alert all the time. I don't have an Italian license because they are really hard to get, but my California one works according to the office. I know mine expires in March, which is fine. If we can renew it through that form, that would be great, so just let me know.

I don't have to buy gas with my own money, so that's really nice. I always like more money, but I'm really trying to not buy a ton of things. I have no idea how much money I have though. However, January will be my last saldi, so I will need money so I can buy lots of stuff for really cheap before I go home.

I'm really glad at least Sylvia reads my blog. haha. I hope people like it. Sometimes I feel like I just "ramble on" (Led Zepplin shout out). Sorry, I was just on a scambio with Anz Rutter from my MTC group. He also loves Led, so we talked a lot about it. haha. He's a totally rock star. He played me some of his music he's written on his guitar, and he's super talented. Some good stuff.

Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Mom, Annie, and Jess for their birthday on Saturday. I hope it's an amazing day! You are all great!!!!

I haven't run into Anz West yet, but if I ever do, I bet I will forget how I kinda know him. haha.


In addition to the 26 lessons we taught this week, 12 being while on scambio with the AP's, our miracle is actually kind of the Sorelle's miracle. Don't worry, I'll explain. We were on our way to a lesson when a random number called us. It was a woman who had come to our English class last year and actually received a blessing from the Anziani a year ago. She saw one of our fliers and decided to call us. She told us that she would not be able to come to English class on Wednesday nights, but still wanted to practice her English, so we gave her number to the Sorelle right after the call, and they called her that day and set up an appointment for that evening. At the appointment, they taught her the Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date. It was a huge miracle for both of us. The Sorelle have been doing some amazing work lately and they've passed us a few investigators in the past few weeks and we really wanted to return the favor. Our prayer was answered, and we were able to pass back someone to the wonderful Sorelle who really deserve it.

Another great miracle is this family that we just re-picked up when I first got here. The wife just had a really bad accident where the doctors said that she might not walk ever again, but she has made a miraculous recovery and the husband is really opening up the gospel as a result of it. This family is amazing and they came to church this week and are coming again next week! We are so blessed to be there to help them. We came by just at the right time to help them get their lives back in order. I love missionary work.

Random comments time. The other day, we went with our members to pick chestnuts. I can honestly say that I've never even thought of doing that, but it was so much fun!!! Chestnuts however are covered in a spiky shell when they fall of the tree, so I got my hands stabbed a lot. But it was really fun to wonder through the beautiful Italian hills harvesting chestnuts. I'll send some pics. Also, Polson and I climbed to the top of the mountain and got an amazing view from the top. I also found an oak tree there, so I took a picture. TO pride!!!! haha

Then the other day when I went on scambio, we went for our scambio treat to this American restaurant called American Graffiti. Yes, just like the movie. It was so 50's diner. Dad, you would have loved it. I got an "Elvis Milk Shake" which had bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter. haha. It was awesome. Just like the good old times on road trips, stopping at all that "local color". haha.

Well, this week, just like all the rest is going by way to fast. I can't believe we are in week 4 already. It's crazy. Time is flying past.

I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week!!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Statemi bene,
 Anziano Langlois
This is from an earlier hospital visit in Pavia.  I believe it has something ti do with Lord of the Rings.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

é un po' presto, no? October 7, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

I bet you are all wondering why I'm writing you on Tuesday, but don't worry, I didn't go all apostate and rogue. haha. We just had to change our P-day because the AP's are coming to scambio us tomorrow. Silly AP's, making us change p-day. Oh well. 

Before I forget, Dad mentioned at the end of his email that Mom had a lot of things to coordinate with me. Are there more things than just the license thing? If so, please write me back subito and when I finish checking my email tonight around 8am your time (wow, that's early) I will be able to see them and figure it all out. If not, it will have to wait until next week.

Well, p'days are fun again here in Ravenna. After being in Pavia for 7 months, I pretty much got to see everything in our zone. Now I'm in a new zone and boy does it have a lot to offer. Last week, we went to the famous mosaics in Ravenna. There are these really cool churches with really colorful and interesting mosaics. Basically, in one of these churches, there is a remnant of temple worship. It's kind of hard to explain over email, so I won't, but I we will definitely go see them when we come back to Ravenna. 

OK, random culture experience that I am literally right now having. We are sitting in this internet shop and there is an African man sitting across from Anz Polson listening to African gospel music, and he is making farting noises and then every now and then he sings something like "praise God" or "oh me!". It's pretty funny.

Back to p-days, today we are going to San Marino, so I am officially leaving Italy. That's right. I'm going to a whole different country. I heard it is beautiful, so I'm excited to go. It's also really nice because I get to drive now. I drove home from Milano this past week, and it was so great. I love driving!!!! I've been driving this whole week and it's so much fun. I missed it so much.

General conference was great as always. I really like President Uchtdorf's talks. They were all so good!!!! I really want a copy of some of the talks. However, I'm just like Dad. I'm still not done studying last conference's talks. haha. Like father, like son. 

Speaking of conference, the other night after we were finished watching conference, we were cleaning up the church when we saw this man through the window. We didn't recognize him, so we went to go greet him. He was this ragazzo that often walked by our church, but every time he tried to go inside, it was closed. He finally found it open and he said that he would be interested to learn more about our message and the church. We gave him our phone number and invited him to conference the next day. It was such a great little miracle to see how the Lord is really preparing the hearts of the people here in Italy. Hopefully we will be able to get into contact with him soon.

Yesterday, I was on a scambio in Pesaro. This city is gorgeous. We didn't really get to look around it during the day, because we were busy doing missionary work, but after FHE with the branch, the Branch President (who I had met before when he came up to Pavia to visit Anz Erickson who served here in Pesaro) took us out to get a gelato and then gave us a giro of the city. It was dark, but the city looked awesome. It is right on the mare and it is amazing. There was a light house that we wanted to go see, but it was too late and dark, so some other p-day we'll go. We also saw the house of Pavarotti (did I spell that right?) the famous Italian tenor. Pretty cool stuff. And also he told us that there is the house of Rossini here.  Anyway, Pesaro has some cool history.

I don't want to comment on the sports update other than the fact that I will go and cry. That sounded like a horrible week!!! Anz Polson is super excited that Utah State won. He just turned to me and asked me for a high 5.....I punched him in the leg instead. haha. 

I'm sorry that its so hot at home. You guys should go to the beach! Because I can't and its killing me! I miss just sitting in the sand and playing frisbee and diving in the water to catch it and what not. Oh well, it will come soon enough.

Well, I hope you all had a great week and that this next week is full of joy and happiness. I know mine will!! 

"Come what may, and love it!"

Anziano Langlois

A Trip to California October 1, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, for all of you troopers that are still reading this, I hope all is going well. For those who are getting bored, let me know and I will try and spice things up a little bit. Italian style.

Well first of all, SEND ME PICTURES!!!!!! I love seeing pictures of everyone. So I don't care who you are. If you're my Mom or my friend or just a random person who found this on the internet (I doubt there are any of those), pictures say a lot, so I love 'em!

OK, business time Mom. I need you to send me ASAP SUBITO ADESSO a copy of my motor vehicle report. I don't know what that is, but I need it. I don't think I have one, because I've never been in an accident or got a ticket or anything, but the mission needs it, so please send it ASAP. 

Next, happy birthday to Jason and Jude this week!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!! Tanti auguri!!!!! I love you guys so much! Also, speaking of Jason, can I get his email, I want to send him an email directly. Awesome. Thanks

Life goes on and on here in Ravenna. Time is flying!!!!! Holy cow, we are so busy!!! This week, we went down to the farthest city south in our mission, Ancona. And let me just say 2 things. 1. it's freakin' in the boonies!!!! SO FAR AWAY!!!!! and 2. it looks almost exactly like San Francisco. It was so weird. Super steep hills and everything. Minus the bridge, but still. It was really cool. And then the area around it seemed like Northern California with pine-looking trees and then the mare right there. It was so pretty. Tomorrow we are heading up to Milano for consiglio with all the capi, so it will be really fun. Long day of driving though. But I'm excited to drive back (I hope they let me). So basically, the days go really fast here. I love it, but it's also annoying. I never have time to just sit and think. I barely have enough time to do everything I need to before I have to go to bed. Fun stuff.

Miracle time. Last p-day, after internet, we ran into an old friend of the missionaries here. We talked with him and went and got some lunch with him. We were sitting in the park eating, when a man came up to us and started talking to us, because he knew our friend. We started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. He is this 21 year old Italian. He is very interested in getting to know God more in his life. We brought a member to the next lesson and turns out that they had already met each other. We had a great lesson, where we were able to set a baptismal date for the 1st of November. He was ready to come to church the next day, but had something come up at the last minute. But he wants to keep meeting with us and he is reading the Book of Mormon. It really was a humbling experience for me to see how the Lord places people in our path at all times. Yes, even during lunch on p-day.

We are working really hard to help our members with only the Aaronic priesthood prepare themselves to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. We are also really focusing on being full tithe payers so that we can grow our area here in Ravenna. We are hoping to become a Ward before the end of 2014. 

I love every day. It's so great. 

Thank you so much for the sports report dad. Go Dodgers!!!!! Let's hope we can actually do something in the playoffs. The cards will be hard, but we can do it. I really wish I could have been at the game when they clinched, it would have been so much fun.

Thank you also for the spiritual insights from church this week. I really love going to church and learning more about the gospel. Everyday my desire and thirst to know more grows and grows.

I know how importantly and closely missionary and temple work is related. They are the same great work, so we must always search to move this great single work along. The Lord is helping us always and we much search his guidance in all things.

I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week. Siete bravi. 

Vi voglio tanto bene,
Anziano Langlois

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Et Capii? September 24, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well...I'm tired. So so so so soooooooo tired. We are always busy here in Ravenna. Holy cow. I walked into the best place EVER!!!!! Our coppia has taught at least 15 lessons every week for the past 6 months. We have a ton of work to do here. We are literally always running from lesson to lesson. The biggest problem we have is trying to fit everyone in that we need to see. Its so cool and so much fun. We would literally die without our car. It helps so much. It cuts out so much time between lessons. Every now and then we use our bikes, but we are usually in a hurry so we take the car. Which is really nice by the way. I can't drive it yet though. I have to wait until I'm "trained" next week at consiglio. Let's just say, I can't wait till next week. Anziano Polson is a great driver, we just have different driving techniques. Anyway, a little about him. He's from Rigby, Idaho...and you can tell. haha. He cracks me up. He is HUGE!!!! And just sweet as can be. He says the funniest things. I'm almost always smiling for one reason or another. He's in his last 2 transfers, so I think I will end up "killing" (term for being the last companion before a missionary goes home) him here in Ravenna, but who knows. We'll see what happens.

OK, since I've been in a car for the past week, I've really realized why almost no missionaries have cars here. 1. gas is SOOOOOO expensive!!!!! Holy cow. 80 euro to fill up our car. That's ridiculous!!!!!!! And 2. the streets here are RETARDED. Oh my gosh. Every street is a one way, and they just wander and you have to go almost 15 minutes out of your way to move 1 kilometer forward. It's ridiculous. But, I love having the car, so I'm done complaining. haha.

A little bit about Ravenna and our zone here. Ravenna is gorgeous. There are so many tourists though. Dante's tomb is here (ooooooo....ahhhhhh) It's not really that cool. Then there are the mosaic churches that we are going to see soon. It's about 15 minutes from the beach, so it kinda feels like home. haha. Our zone stretches from Ravenna to Ancona which is super far away in case you were wondering. It's just right along the Adriatic and it's awesome. We drove to Rimini to do a scambio and it was gorgeous!!!! Everything Pat and Cheri talked about it is true. The church is so cool!!!! It just feels like a home. I got to ride through the streets and go see the beautiful skyline with Anz Mata'u (who served with Anz Windley). It was really fun. Then a huge storm came through and it made me miss Genova. Ahh..the good old days.

This next week, we are going out to Ancona and Pesaro and Milano for consiglio so we will be putting some kilometers on the car. We are also going to see San Marino. That's right. I'm leaving Italy.....sorta. haha. I heard its super  cool, so I'm pumped. Everything is cheaper there too because they don't have taxes. Benefits of being a city-country I guess. haha. Basically, I love it here. It's just tiring. Working hard and at the end of the day, I'm pooped.

My miracle this week started on my first night here in Ravenna. We went to AMM (youth activity) to help the giovani and a less active came. Anz Polson told me that recently he has made changes in his life to better follow the gospel and he is really progressing fast. We immediately made a strong friendship. He then came and helped us with a lesson a few days later. And then after church, he offered to help us with any lesson. He is really making leaps and bounds in solidifying his testimony of the gospel.

It's a good week in BYU sports. Right on. Dodgers are doing great so that's a miracle. haha. World Series here we come!!!!

I'm glad you got the memory card. There are a lot of pictures there. Don't worry, I've learned the importance of having people in pictures (thanks to Anz Salmon). I still have a million more, so just get ready. But honestly, the pictures don't even serve it justice. This country is amazing.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! I'll keep working hard and you guys keep on being awesome! I love you all so much!

Anziano Langlois

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ci Vedre-e-em, Ci Vedre-em!!! September 17, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, it's happening. Anziano Salmon is going home and I'm leaving Pavia. I can't believe how fast the past 7 months have gone. I still feel like I just barely got here in Pavia. Now, I bet you're all anxious to know where the Lord is sending me next. Any guesses? No? You don't know the name of any of the cities? That's no excuse. haha. I'm just kidding. I'm going to Ravenna to serve as a Capo Zona (zone leader) with Anziano Polson. I've never met him before but I've heard about him and he sounds a lot like Anziano Andersen, so it should be fun. I will be capo over Forlì, Rimini, Pesaro, and Ancona. So basically the bottom right hand side of our mission. But the the coolest part is......I get a car!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! So pumped. It's going to be great! I'm so excited. Not only for the car, but also for Ravenna. Anziano Salmon also served there, and so did Anziano Treadway, and Anziano Taylor, and both our AP's, so I've heard a lot about it, and I'm really excited. The funny thing is, even though I'm leaving Pavia, I'm bringing a part of it with me. Our vescovo here is from Ravenna and is actually moving there in the next few months. He works there during the week, so I will probably see him more than the missionaries here in Pavia! haha. 

I'm super grateful for the time I've spent here in Pavia. I've learned a lot and grown a lot as well. It feels like home here, so yeah, the past few days have been kinda hard. Saying goodbye is always difficult. 

Any who, my miracle from this week comes from the mostra we did this past Saturday in Centro with our members. We were there from 10-18 and we had the help of numerous members and it was great! They had such a great time. The members just started pairing off in two or asking one of the coppie to go with them so they could go talk to people. We passed out 600 volantini during those 8 hours. We will be having two more mostras over the next two weeks, so the members are excited. It really was a miracle to see the members and missionaries working so closely. I remember specifically that an older woman came up to us and a member who saw her first pushed me in her direction. I went and started talking to her, when all of a sudden the member was right at my side testifying to her. Then another member stepped in and began to bear her testimony. It was incredible. I literally said nothing. I just sat and watched our amazing members working their hardest to share the gospel that they love so much.

Some other little miracles: we went to visit a less active family in this paesino and because they don't have a car, we took the train to the middle of nowhere and walked on the road to their house (like we've done a couple of times before). Then after the lesson, we walked back. We got 5 of the 6 kilometers when a car stops in front of us on the road and we hear "Anziani, salite!!" (get in). Turns out it was this member couple who lives in the same paesino and they just happened to be going to the De Simone's bar for karaoke (butchered that), so they gave us a ride home! Crazy right! Miracles!!!!

Last miracle, I actually saw Pat and Cheri!!! We went to the train station at 1:45 and we waited....and waited....and waited. Soon an hour had gone past and we decided that their plane must have got delayed or they were in traffic and whatnot, so we started placing our pass along cards in very obvious places so they could see them and maybe call us from a pay phone. We did that, then decided to leave, because everyone comes right after you leave (especially buses). Any who, we saw a member, so we decided to follow him and after a minute or two, he turned around and asked us what we were doing. We told him how we were waiting for them, but we didn't know when they would show up. Then he said that we should go back and he would wait with us. Literally, we turn the corner and here come Pat and Cheri in their car, so they pulled over and we got to talk for a minute. It was absolutely crazy! I'm sure Pat will tell you the story as well, in his usual eloquent way. haha. It was really good to see them. They told me that you are all doing well, which makes me happy, especially to hear it from someone you know. Thank you for the box with goodies. I've been sharing it with my district and they all love you. However, I tried to make your cookies the other day, and they turned out horrible!!!! That's because there is no brown sugar here, so I tried to use cane sugar and mapleine. Let's just say that it tasted like pure sugar. It was kinda gross. haha. Oh well, I tried.

Speaking of my district, I'm going to miss them so much. I literally have been blessed with the best missionaries ever in my district. They are all so bravi and amazing. I'm going to miss them all so much, whether they are going home or just getting transferred, so even just staying there (because I'm moving). The Lord really does let us feel his love for people. My heart is so full of joy and love for these missionaries and these members here. Hardest thing about the mission. Leaving. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be in Salmon's shoes right now. 

I've learned so much so far in my mission, and I know I'm just going to learn even more even faster. Crazy crazy stuff.

In other random news, I've said two prayers in Spanish in the past week. Oh boy....that's hard stuff. But the members said I did a great job. It was pretty much like praying for the BYU sports teams. haha.

Lizzy, all I have to say is....hang in there, and enjoy it. I kinda miss high school and wish I had been better at being a missionary to my friends. Keep being the great example that I know you are and don't be afraid to share your testimony with those you friends with. You never know who the Lord is preparing to receive the gospel. College apps are hard, I know. But just keep working on them, one by one, and you'll be able to do it easily. You are such an awesome sister and I brag about you all the time. And I know how random it is, but please send me a picture of you NOT smiling. Thanks. Love you so much! Keep being awesome!

I love you all so much family and friends. I'm so grateful to be serving a mission right now. This is where I need to be. I know it. The Lord needs me in Ravenna and I'm so excited to go forth and serve him with all that I've got. I figure I've only got one city left after Ravenna, so I need to make this time count!

Have the best week ever everyone!!!!
Anziano Langlois

All the way to Italy to Home Teach!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's A Crazy Roller Coaster Ride September 10, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

This week has been pretty crazy. My head has been everywhere and back again. Basically, we had some really hard trials this week, but we were blessed with tons of miracles, so it kinda balances out.

I'll start with the hardships and end with the good stuff, we the email ends happy. Basically, work's been hard right now in Pavia and this week, one of our new converts told us that he won't be coming to church anymore and it literally broke my heart. I thought there was hope when I called him later in the week, but the second time we even worse. It's really hard. My heart has been hurting a lot this week because I love this person so much. It's really sad and I just want to help him all I can, but I can't do anything because we can't even see him.

But, we had some really good miracles to help us through the week. One day when we went to pass by this new convert, we got stopped twice in a matter of 10 minutes, which doesn't really happen. The first guy started talking to me on the bus and after we finished talking, turns out that he got on the wrong bus. Miracle!!!!

Then, I got to teach Elder's quorum with the other Anziani in front of the Stake president. No biggie. We talked a lot about how members and missionaries should be working together and how to better use PMG (Preach My Gospel) in their lives. The Stake president came up after and thanked me. Then another member gave me a piece of paper with his contact info that said "You're welcome in Italy". It was so sweet. I really do love these members here in Pavia. With transfers right around the corner, time is going too fast. I'm going to miss them. I've been here so long, so it's like home. It will be weird to leave. I technically don't know if I'm leaving or not yet, but the AP's kinda told me that I was leaving. Besides, I've been here for 7 months already. I'm kinda ready to leave. But we'll see.

Miracle time. 

One night this week, we were planning what to do the next day, specifically for a 30 minute period of free time we had. We thought about what to do and we decided to search for "the one" on the fiume near our house. After finishing 12 week, I stood up and looked out the window. I immediately saw this man sitting by himself on a bench, so I turned to Anz Johnson and told him that man was "the one" and we needed to talk to him. We went and talked to him and ended up teaching him a quick lesson. We got his number and address and a return appointment for the next day to meet his family. We went to his house the next day and taught his wife and youngest daughter the Restoration. They gladly listened to us and accepted the challenge to read the LdM (Book of Mormon). Then we came by a few days later because we were in the area and we met the other two daughters. This family is from Santo Domingo and amazing. It was such a blessing to see the Lord place someone in our path to fulfill our plans for the day. 

Yesterday, we had Zone conference with Milano Ovest and I was able to see Anz Windley after 7 months. It was so great to see him. We started laughing and joking around again, just like in Prato. A Sorella in my district commented how we were basically the best of friends, which we are. I missed him so much. It was so great to see him. I really hope we get to serve together again (at least in the same district or city). I also got to see Sorella Carter from my MTC district, so that was awesome. I love zone conferences. They are so much fun. Something that President Dibb asked us to do is talk to at least 3 people for every 15 minutes we are on public transport. I've been trying to work on talking to more people on public transportation and last night when we were coming home from English class, I started talking to this man near by, and turns out that HE wanted us to come and meet him again. I love it when that happens. So, I'm really trying to become a better disciple of Christ everyday.

Then, on a silly note. We had a FHE with one of the Sorelle's simps who is in the hospital and we wanted to cheer her up and give her something special, so we decided to sing the dwarf song from the Hobbit. Yes, but it doesn't stop there. We also make beards out of yarn and wore them why we sang. It's pretty darn funny. I will try and send you the video next week. It's pretty funny. She loved it and it really helped lift her spirits. I love making people happy.

I will be at the station tomorrow, so I'm sure you'll hear about it from Pat and Cheri first. I'm excited to see them.

Dad, I'm super pumped to hear that we killed Texas AGAIN!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!! BYU BYU BYU BYU!!!!!!!! I don't know why we can't beat the easy teams then. haha. Oh BYU. Gotta love them. Bad sports and all.

Well, I hope you all have had a good week. Keep working hard, and keep on sharing the gospel with everyone!!!! I love you all so much!

Anziano Langlois

Italy In A Nutshell September 3, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, this has been a fun week. Lots of things to do and lots of very Italian things. Let me explain. There are a couple of things that really define Italy. Public transportation that just implodes whenever there is a minor problem, cool old Catholic churches, and just straight up crazy experiences. I had them all this week, so it was very Italian. 

This week on a scambio, Anz Salmon and I were walking past this cool old sandstone church, when we heard the organ playing inside. We had a minute to spare, so we hopped inside and listened to this awesome church organ. The music/setting was kinda creepy, but the acoustics were amazing!!! It was really really cool.

Then, this past Saturday, we went to our Ward mission leader's house to do some service. He told me on the phone that we just had to pull some weeds from his garden. Oh boy.....he was wrong. We literally deforested this garden. The weeds were at least a meter tall and I literally had to use a falche (sickle) to cut it down. I literally reenacted D&C 4. haha. I was so sweaty and gross and it really made me appreciate learning how to weed a garden properly all my life. Because if you don't take care of it, the weeds attack!!! So thank you Dad. I always complained about weeding, but it payed off, because our member didn't really know what he was doing. Oh well. haha. So that was a pretty fun day.

This week was also District Leader appreciation day at district meeting, so they made me a card and all signed it and told me something that they appreciate about me. It was really nice and super unexpected. Its always nice to feel loved.

We also had a Prato throw back this week, where we went out and sung hymns in Centro. It was super fun. And then we tried a new finding technique, where we went to stores and asked to leave some pamphlets on there counters. Almost everyone said yes, so it was super awesome! Hopefully people actually take them and call us. Gotta try weird things to get results. Learned that from Anz Salmon alright. haha 

This miracle comes from my letter to President Dibb this week: As you know already, we are working really hard with the De Simone's oldest son to prepare him for baptism. Well, a few weeks ago, we had a great lesson about the baptismal covenant and what it means with him and we left him a baptismal calender and invited him to pray and search for a date to be baptized. He told us that he would and every time we checked up with him on this, he hadn't received an answer yet, but was still searching and praying every night. Our entire district has been praying for him for the past few weeks. Yesterday, when I was on a scambio with Anz Taylor, all of our plans fell through. Unfortunately, one of our investigators dropped us because her husband doesn't want us to talk to her. So yesterday, we were pretty sad. At lunch, I was thinking about the day and I knew that the Lord had something in store for us that day to boost our spirits. We were able to set up a lesson with a member who is waiting for his mission call and we were able to testify very powerfully of the importance of the spirit in teaching and studying. After that great lesson, we went to English class where we read from the book of Enos (in English) and had a great time. At the end of class, the De Simone son and mom walked up to me and asked me whether or not a baptism must be on a Saturday. They were excited to hear that they could do it on a week day if that worked better for them. This question literally came out of the blue and gave me a ton of renewed hope for their son and his progression towards baptism. It really was a tender mercy of the Lord. My day had turned completely on its head, but the Lord still blessed us with a simple miracle that really lifted my spirits. 

This brings me to our public transportation fail of the week. While going to pass by a less active yesterday morning, we got stuck about 10 feet from the bus stop we needed to get off because someone got hit by a car. The bus driver refused to open the doors to let us off, so we sat there with all the looky-loos for about 10 minutes as we watched police at their finest. They aren't very good at directing traffic. haha. Out of nowhere a giant semi full of cars tried to turn onto the tiny street and there were cars trying to pass the bus, but had to back up for the truck and it was just a mess. Then finally when there was space to go forward, all the cars behind us just kept passing the bus and so we sat for another 3 minutes or so waiting to move forward. it was utterly ridiculous. Anz Taylor and I were literally shaking our heads and laughing about how ridiculous it was. There was no need for it to be that difficult. Oh well....I love this country. haha

As for the McDonald's, it will probably be easiest for them to meet at the station. We can easily be there at 2:00 to meet them. As for things to don't know. I don't know if I really need anything, but I do like surprises!!!

I don't know Sorella Ervin, but one of our sisters here in Pavia does, she finishes her mission in like 2 weeks with Salmon, Condie, and O'Connor. Crazy to think that they are done with their mission. I remember being trained by Salmon and seeing him hit his year mark. Now he's going home. Crazy how time flies. 

Life sounds crazy back home, which makes sense because life is always crazy. haha. 

That picture was taken on Lake Como in a small city named Varenna. Don't worry, I will take you there next year. haha. And speaking of that, what's the plan? How long are we planning on being here? I'm always looking into things to do and so we'll never have nothing to do. haha. But one request, would be to leave out of Rome. Because I really want to see Rome. Actually, I want to see all of southern Italy, but that might be too hard, so if we could at least hit up Rome that would be awesome.

Well, another week has gone by on the mission and as always, I love hearing from you all. I hope you have a  great week and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Anziano Langlois

I Can See The End!!...Of The Summer August 27, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!!

Don't worry, I'm not getting trunky. I'm just super happy that summer is pretty much over. YES!!!!!! The people are slowly coming back from vacation and the weather is getting cooler. It's actually been raining lately and everyone has given up hope on a sunny summer at this point. Apparently, we are in for the coldest winter in 50 years this year, so joy of joys. I'm probably going to be up to my head in snow in my next city. Wherever that is. haha.

Speaking of Lake Como (that's how you spell it), we went there today! We went and took a ferry ride to Bellagio, which is the point of the two parts of the lake that meet. It was really cool. I definitely felt like a tourist today. There was so much English everywhere and it was so weird!!!! I'm not used to it!!!! We did run into 2 members at McDonald's in Milano Centrale today and then we talked to two people while we were waiting for the ferry to come. Missionary work even on p-day! hahaha. I am so in love with Italia. It is so gorgeous. We have to come back and go kayaking on the lake. I wanted to do it today, but we're not allowed. Managia....that's OK though, Dad is always up for fun things like that! haha.

As for the friend requests, just leave them and I will accept them later. It's easier this way.

Please tell any of my friends that you see, especially Tyler and Jeffery, that I say hi and that they should write me!! haha. It's so crazy that school is starting, but what's crazier is the fact that when this year of school ends, so does my mission. How's that for literally no time!!!!! It's super crazy and weird. It only goes faster when you change cities which is bound to happen in about 3 weeks. So basically, life is going way too fast and I'm just trying to keep up! Speaking of keeping up, I loved all the pictures you guys sent me. Atticus is getting cuter every day. I'm curious to see just how much of Erin and Dan's smarts have transferred over. haha.

It's funny how the Lord works sometimes. He often prepares people and puts them in your path and you need to find them. This week, we went over to see an investigator that we haven't seen in a while. Every time we go over, he is busy, so we can never teach him, but he usually has some friends there too that we talk to for a few minutes. This past week was much of the same. We started talking to his friend and we were explaining the Book of Mormon when all of a sudden his neighbor, Marcella, came down and started listening to us from a few feet away. We quickly changed our focus on her and ended up teaching her and had a great conversation with her. She told us that she really wants to come to church, so she is going to call us Saturday and come to church Sunday morning. She said it about 30 times during this 15 minute period, so I think she's going to remember. haha. We also had a similar experience on our scambio with the Capi, where Anz Horrocks and I we're able to teach one of his friends and get his address and phone number. We couldn't set up a return appointment, but he wants us to come over and meet his wife. Crazy miracles happen all around us. You just got to make sure that you are looking for them and take advantage of them when they come.

I absolutely love my life right now. Yes, missionary work is hard, but it's worth it. Totally worth it. 

Lizzy time. I can't believe you're a senior!!!! That's propio nuts!!!!! You are totally still 12 years old in my mind and you always will be. I'm so glad you had a fun time at girls camp. You always loved those kind of things, and good job on the bulls eye. I'm super jealous of your vacation adventures. They always are so much fun with Dad. Also, congrats on finishing band camp. It's the worst, but you're done now! haha. That's cool that your section leader. You're going to kill it. Just be patient with the youngins. The clarinets have always been famous for trouble. haha. Who are the Drum Majors? Probably people I don't know. I don't know anyone anymore. I'm old. You're schedule sounds full, but fun. I love Novak. I'm sad that Btags retired, but Novak is super cool. AP gov/econ is a breeze so don't sweat it. If you could, you should got say hi to some teachers for me and maybe tell them about my blog. Mrs Harrison, Mrs Tompkins, Mr Patenaude, Mrs Waldinger, Mrs Ballard, Mr Korshavn, Mr Holloway, and yes, even the fantastic Mr Peter. He's a goof, but I love him anyway. Of course, tell G I say hi. Just hang in there and work hard!!! And remember, no boys until you get married. Good luck on applications! Tell me how it goes. I hope you can come to BYU, then I can mooch off your meal plan. haha. Thanks for the email and don't forget the picture! But your senior picture is gorgeous! You look amazing. That's my sister alright!!

Well, life is always crazy and there is never enough time. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. This week's pro tip: if you see a pizza menu on the ground, LEAVE IT THERE!!!!!, it's there for a reason. We had a horrible pizza the other night from this random menu we found on the ground. Mistake. BIG mistake. Not a great night. haha. 

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Crazy Little Miracles August 20, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, to answer your question Dad, we are in Milano right now. Our typical internet point in Pavia is closed for ferie, so we decided to come to Milano to do it, because it's cheap. However, on our way here, we had to take the slow train, and then we pulled into a stop and we looked out the window and what did we see??? We saw Sorella Baer and her companion with all their bags (they are going home early for school). We waved from the train, but then Anz Salmon and I decided to get off at the next stop, run to the next binario and get on the train that was heading back in the other direction so that we could help them with their bags. We did and then we just kinda hung out with them while all the other 5 or so missionaries showed up. The De Simone's also showed up, so it was pretty fun. This was an awesome little miracle because I really wanted to say goodbye to Sorella Baer, but I knew that I wouldn't have the chance. Or would I!!! Heavenly Father works in funny ways. haha. It was weird to see a bunch of missionaries I know going home. It gets weirder every time. Any who, so we got to internet late, so that's why there was no email earlier Dad. Sorry!

This week has been fun. Full of lots of little miracles. This week is currently "consecration week" so the whole mission is really cracking down and getting some work done. We had a miracle last night when we got our first investigator for this month. He's a man we taught once before but we never got a return appointment, and we finally got one set up last night, so we are going to see him and his compagna tomorrow. We have a lot of potential investigators, but its been hard recently to see them often and get that return appointment. Gotta love August. That's OK,  tt's almost over. Thank heavens.

We've had a lot of little miracles this past week, but the one that I want to share with you comes from this past Monday. We went out to this paesino, Dorno, where some of our members live. We also received a referral from this family, so we wanted to pass by and see them. While walking to the paese, we got picked up by one of the sorelle's investigators, who happened to be passing by. Then we stopped by these members and turns out, they had two friends over from high school. We got to meet them and talk to them a little bit. Then we got to go with our member to visit this family they referred us, where we got to sit down with the husband and oldest daughter (who we hadn't met before) and teach them a short message. It was really awesome, because we just felt the night before in planning that we needed to go to Dorno, so we did. It really was a great day, full of many blessings.

The cool thing is, a couple nights before we went out to the same paesino to see a different member family and we were walking on a completely different road and someone came and gave us a ride too!! This man had come to a baptism before and was friends with this family. Small world, especially here in little towns in Italy. haha. 

Speaking of small world, that's cool that our current missionaries know two missionaries here. I'm not in contact with Anz Parker, so I can't tell him hi from that Elder, but he can! haha. Tell him to write Anz Parker. haha

We are hoping and praying for miracles this week, especially new investigators. We had a really great lesson with the De Simone's son yesterday and if all goes well (which I think it will), he will be baptized before this transfer ends. That would be the coolest thing ever to see that entire family baptized. We're working hard. Please pray for him.

I'm glad to hear that life is good back at home. You sound busy as ever Dad. Crazy to hear about weddings. Life moves on I guess. haha. Send my love to Brother Pine. I love them so much. I actually miss my HAM radio too. 

I can't believe that summer is almost over. It went by so fast. Crazy crazy crazy.

I love you all so much!!! I hope you all have a great week!

Anziano Langlois

Ferragosto...A Month of Holiday August 13, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Things are heating up here in Pavia. It's super duper muggy and gross 24/7 here...aaaaaaand loving it. Not really, at all. Only in the service of the Lord. 

So last year, I showed up just in time for Ferragosto, which is basically a missionary's worst nightmare. Basically in the month of August (is that right?) all of Italy goes on vacation for like a month. So shops are closed, the streets are empty and every says to call after the holidays. Pavia, being the small town it is, is literally empty right now. We walk outside to go do some finding work and we see maybe 15 people in an hour and a half, and just at the best time, when we need new investigators. Satan is a clever one, but that doesn't matter. We are still trying and President Dibb has challenged us all to get 3 new investigators a week during August. It's going to be hard, but we're trying. We could really use some prayers for finding new investigators right now. All 3 coppie here in Pavia are at a stand still in the new simps department, so we could use some prayers in our behalf. 

But, it good news! We have a new phone finally. Yay!!! At transfers we got a new sim card, so now we can function properly. haha. Speaking of transfers, we lost some good missionaries this transfer. We're going to miss Sorella McCann a lot. I don't know if you remember, but we were in the same district when I was in Prato, so it was great to serve with her again. She's now home and it's kinda weird to see her leave. It's crazy how fast time is going by. It doesn't help that Dad pointed out the dreaded month count. It's in single digits and that's terrifying....but I still have a lot of time to serve these people and help more find the truth.

In other good (sorta) news, Anz Johnson and I have been running in the's killing me. I hate running. My body just hurts all the time. haha. I'm so tired all the time too, but I know its good for me, so that's why I'm doing it. I've got to get rid of this pasta gut. It also helps that we play soccer every Saturday with members and nonmembers. It's super fun. I love it. 

Random question, are Pat and Cheri still planning on coming to Italy? If so, when?

This past week, we planned to go visit a less active member and his wife. The wife is super active and is currently the Relief Society President, but her husband was baptized 38 years ago and then went immediately inactive. In the past year or so, he's been warming up to the church again and is coming back to church. We planned to go visit them for lunch on last Saturday, but the bus didn't run because its Agosto, so we had to cancel the appointment sadly. Luckily, we saw them on Sunday and set up a time to go the next day, Monday. We went and we had a great lesson about the Restoration with them. I have never seen this man look so interested in what we were saying. He was intently listening and the spirit was very strong. We left them with some Restoration pamphlets to give to a friend or neighbor and they gladly accepted the challenge. The husband said something that struck me during the lesson, he said that he keeps feeling like something is pulling him back to the church. His faith is growing every single day and I was so glad that we got to go and visit him and help him remember the importance of the Restoration. 

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. We passed by some less actives and one of them told us that she was baptized 20 years ago, but now she has "found Jesus" and went back to her old ways. She doesn't want to be contacted anymore or be part of the church. I couldn't help but feel really sad for her. I had a million things I wanted to say to her, but the opportunity wasn't there. It's so sad to see people go less active. Unfortunately we've had a problem here in Pavia with new converts going completely inactive for one reason or another. It breaks my heart and just makes me ask, why? How could someone who has received a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, or the prophet Joseph Smith, or the Savior, get baptized, and then just become completely inactive and sometimes even hostile towards the church? I know they have their agency, but sometimes I think the same thing as someone else I really admire once thought, "EXCUSE ME??????? What are you thinking???". It's moments like this that makes me think of the Savior and his apostles after the bread of life sermon in John. The multitudes left Him and He turns to His apostles and asks them, "will ye also go away?". I can hardly fathom what it is like for the Savior as He watches some of His faithful disciples walk away, one by one. It breaks my heart. I stand by Peter and ask "Lord, to whom shall we go?" I am lost without my elder brother, Jesus Christ. I will follow him until the day I die. Even though I slip up and make mistakes that I really wish I hadn't, through Him and His love is the only way. I testify that He is the Christ, the living son of God. He is my savior and yours. It is never too late to turn back and come again unto the fold. He loves you, and He cares about you. It will not be easy and it will require some suffering and repenting on your part, but it will be worth it. I promise you, it is worth it.

My heart if very full of gratitude for all of my friends and family. I love you all so much. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for all of you. I think about you constantly, and I try to live worthy of you every day. 

May God ever watch over you, and my you know that He DOES.

Vi voglio bene cari amici miei,
Anziano Langlois