Monday, June 9, 2014

We Are Putting the Band back Together May 14, 2014

Ciao tutti!

Well, minus being able to talk with my awesome family this week via Skype, not much really happened. So basically being able to actually see you guys and talk to you guys was awesome. It's still really weird that we did that, because I feel like Christmas was last week. It's crazy how fast time goes. Anyway, Anz Parker loves you guys, especially Jason, and the De Simone's think you guys are hilarious, not to mention the other random Italians that were there in the bar watching my Skype you guys. haha. Gotta love Italians, they don't really understand personal space. haha

Well, as you guys know, this week is transfers, so I've got some info for you guys. Anz Parker and I will be staying together for another transfer, but I have been called to be the District Leader here in Pavia, so that's kinda exciting. Anz Valencia is staying and Anz Gainer is going to Cimiano in Milano, so he's not going very far. The best part is, Anz Valencia's new comp is the one and only......Anz Salmon!!!!!!! That's right! My "dad" is coming back to live with me in good old Pavia. I'm so excited to see him again. He's so funny and its going to be a blast. It will be weird to be his DL, but oh well. haha. Scambi with him will be really fun. Just like the good old days. Besides that, not much is happening this week.

We had a super fun English class last night, where we had a party for Slla Palumbo who is leaving us to go to Lugano in Switzerland, but we are getting Slla McCann (Anz Holland's granddaughter) in her stead. I've already served with her when I was in Prato, so that should be fun. Speaking of Prato, it became a Ward this past week!!!! They just combined the Firenze and Rimini districts to make a super Stake and Prato became a Ward. I'm so pumped for them. I only wish I could have been there to see it. Oh well.

Here's one of the miracles for this week. So every Tuesday we go over to see a family, the De Simone family, and then we go to English class together.  Usually the husband comes to English class with us, but yesterday he was really tired, so his wife came instead with their kids.  We've been wanting her to come for a while to see the church and what not.  Since we got there early, I decided to take them on a quick church tour.  As I talked about each room, Simona, the mother was listening very intently and when I showed her the picture of Jesus standing at the door without a handle, she asked me about it, so I explained it and she said she really like it.  She then asked me for the name so she can find it online.  When we talked about the Primary, she asked us about baptism, and after I told her that we baptize kids after they are 8, because we believe that they person should be able to choose, she said that she was "d'accordissimo" with that idea.  Then we had a member working in genealogy, so I had him explain about it and they just started talking, and I could tell that Simona was really impressed with everything she saw and really liked it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes its through a really tired husband.  I'm so grateful to be able to help this family come closer to Christ.  They are so bravi and I can't wait to help them on their path to an eternal family.
(I don;t know why the font and color changed, but oh well.  It happens I guess. Weird.) 

I'm excited to read your talk dad and I will let you know about it next week, but thank you for that.  And thank you for the sports report.  Go KINGS!!!!!!! I hope they don't choke.  They need to go strong, but that's weird that on one has won at home yet.  Let's hope that we're the first to do so.  Both Parker and I are rooting for the Clippers, so let's keep our fingers crossed there.  Dodgers...well, at least they are playing 500 ball.  Better than they usually do. haha

A very special thank you Dad for the random car post.  that is awesome. Valencia and I love to talk  about cars, so I'm really glad you sent that.  It's so cool!  And totally crazy.  I will be honest though, at first when I saw the title, I thought you bought a new car that was crazy fast.  I got really excited. hahaha

I'm really jealous of your Mother's day feast, that sounds AMAZING.  Simona made us some good food after we got done Skyping, so I guess its not that bad.  They always thank me for you. They are such an amazing family. 

OK, liked I promised, I will send pictures today.  I have some more time than usual, so I will try to send as many as I can. 

I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!!! 

Anziano Langlois 

PS OK well I just tried for the last 10 minutes or so to get my USB to work.  It's being lame today, so I will try again next week.  I promise I will send pictures as soon as I can!!

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