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The Floating Puffballs of Doom May 7, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, that's probably an interesting title. So I bet you are all sitting on the edge of your seat to find out what it means. Well, it means exactly what it looks like. This past week, Pavia has been taken over by the evil floating puffballs of death. Apparently this happens ever year, but this year its worse. So I'm not sure exactly what it is, and neither do the Italians. They just say its "pollen" but its not really. Unless the pollen is on steroids. Anyway, this stuff just floats around ALL DAY and its EVERYWHERE!!! It literally looks like its snowing outside. Unfortunately, I've been a little sick for the past week with a cold, and these puffballs are not helping. When we go outside, I start coughing like crazy and Anz Parker, who is a little allergic, starts sneezing, so we are just a mess walking down the street. Now Anz Valencia is a little sick as well, so this week has been kinda slow for both copie. We are still trying to go out and do work, but some times we have to come back in early because we are dying coughing or sneezing or what not. So that's always fun. Its always hard to sit at home and do nothing as a missionary. You just always have this guilt like you should be sucking it up and just going out to do it, but when you're sick, you need to stay in and rest for a bit, so you can get better. 

Any who, despite our sickness, we've had some miracles and some great times this past week. So as you guys know, this past Thursday it was Primo Maggio (May 1st) which is Labor day here in Italy. I don't remember if its the same in America. I honestly have forgetting like everything about America. Anyway, its a holiday that Italians love because they don't have to work and they usually eat BBQ. We went over to a member's house and ate so. much. meat. I could have sworn we were at Famous Dave's or Texas Roadhouse or something. First we had giant, thick slabs (yes literally slabs) of bacon. Then we had some really good ribs. There was so much meat on each one. Super good. Then we had salsiccia (sausage more or less), and then steak. Oh goodness me. So much meat but so much goodness. Then we had two types of cake for dessert. I love Italy, and I can't wait for you guys to come and taste some of this food. it's out of this world. But never fear! I'm bringing back recipes and I'm learning how to make it too. I've mastered lasagna more or less, so we'll see how it compares to the young women's. haha. Then, speaking of food. Today, we are going to a member's house who is from Sicilia, and a super good cook, to basically cook with him for 6 hours. Its going to be so much fun. I will learn a lot and bring home lots of good recipes to make for you guys.

Next, miracle time. This week, we went out to a member's house to visit them. The husband has recently gone less active, so we've been trying to help him come back to the fold. The situation between the husband and wife has been a little rocky recently, so we've been praying for them and trying to unite them as a family. Every time we go over, it gets better. And Monday, when we went, things we're getting even better! Fratello Carbone still has some difficulties with some things, so we are trying to work with him to help him. But coming back from their house, we were running to catch the train, when all of a sudden, this man drove up to us and asked us if we needed a ride. I usually don't accept rides from random strangers, but this time, I felt impressed to, so we did. His name was Mustafar, and he's from Morocco. He loves helping people, and when he dropped us off at the station, he asked us if we could come over some time to meet his family. We happily agreed and exchanged numbers. It was such a crazy miracle, because he said that he saw us running and something told him to get into his car and come ask us for a ride, so he did! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways sometimes, but I know that the Lord had him waiting there at that exact moment, so we could meet him. We are going over to see his family soon, we just need to set up a time. As dad always says, "just another daily miracle".

So yeah, basically this is my week. A lot happened, but not a lot at the same time. I hope I feel better. We are already having a better week so far. We got two new investigators yesterday. One is an engineer from cameroon and you can totally tell he's an engineer. I know exactly how he thinks. Who knew math related so well to the gospel! haha.

Anyway, to answer you're questions, When you send a package, I'm really not sure who pays the customs. I think the mission does and then we are suppose to pay it back with our own money. I still need to figure that one out. But the customs haven't been terrible. I think the most expensive was 40 euro. Bo...I really don't know because I only see what you paid in dollars to send it. I'll figure it out. 

As for Mother's day. We've secured a location, so expect me to be on around 9 your time. I will go to the Google hang first and try that, but we'll see what happens. As for Anz. Andersen's picture on my account, that's too funny. I remember that. What a fun kid. Love him. Miss those times with him.

I'm really jealous of Julia that she's down south. I really want to go see down south. Every one tells us to go see it because it's gorgeous. But I totally understand the beggar kid. We call them "zingari" here or "gypsys". You have to watch out for them. I'm pretty good at noticing their sneakiness, and I'm always paying attention, so don't worry. Nothing stolen yet. haha.

There is no problem trying to open the pictures you send. And the videos I can open, but I usually don't have headphones so I can't hear them. But I can see them.

Speaking of Anz. Walker, one of our awesome sorelle here, Sorella Baer, from Alpine, (Maybe the other elder knows her) saw him at consiglio and apparently Anz Walker was telling her about how much fun we had together and how much he misses me. Oh man, Anz Walker, what a goofball. I love that kid. I hope I see him soon. Probably at transfers, but we'll see. Man, I miss all of my previous comps. They were all so much fun! I loved being around them and I miss them all. But speaking of transfers, those are next week already. I know right!!! That's crazy. This transfer has flown by. I hit my year mark next transfer. Crazy....I think I'll be staying, but we'll see what happens.

Now onto sports. Both Anz. Valencia and I knew before it happened that BYU would lose to Stanford. They pulled a typical BYU. Lose to the team that they have beaten every other time during the season. *sigh*....oh well. Life moves on. As for the Kings....GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Man, I wish I had brought my Kings shirt here. I want to rep my pride. Also pumped that the Clippers are doing well. I hope they don't crash and burn also. Dodgers, least we're not in last. haha

I'm so sorry to hear about your arms dad. That sounds terrible. I hope they heal soon. And good luck on your talk. Let's hope you don't become the next Joel Bryan with the Santa Claus incident. hahaha. I'd love to read it if you want to send it.

Well, I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. I wish you the best for this week. I'm going to try and send pics, so we'll see what happens.

Statemi bene!
Anziano Langlois

PS. Pics didn't come this time...again. Sorry!

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