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Clean Upon Aisle 4 May 21,2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, another week has flown by. It seemed a little bit slower than normal, but it still flew past. As you guys know. We had transfers this past week, so Anz Salmon is now an official member of the Pavia district. I officially did my first district meeting this week. I talked about repentance and how we can receive miracles based on the changes we make in our lives to more perfectly become disciples of Christ. I'm pretty sure it went well. Anz Parker liked it at least. haha.

So this week, we had some great miracles and some fun times like always. First we'll start with some fun times we've been having here. Anz Salmon is way too much fun. He's more fun than I remember. His coppia is really being blessed for the work that they are doing and they are having a blast doing it. 

Anz Parker and I have really been working a lot with one of our investigators, Nelson, and this past week he came with us twice to clean up some mold that was in the apartment of one of our new converts. He is so much fun and he loves being with us. He is going to get baptized on June 7th, so we are super excited. In fact, one of the biggest miracles we had this week was Nelson coming to church for the first time!!!! And not only that, it was the first time we have had an investigator in church since I've been here!!!!! SUPER MIRACLE!!!!!! We are so excited for him and I'm so happy to be a part of his path to salvation. But back to mold, we have to go back to that apartment to clean up some more mold. It's dangerous how much mold their is. They have two young kids, so we are just trying to do the best we can to give them a healthy environment to live in. We are probably going over tonight with the other anziani to get a good chunk done in the other rooms.

OK, so the De Simone family is probably one of my favorite families that I have ever met. They are sooooo bravi and awesome. And this week, we had a real break through with them. On Thursday we went to meet with them as usual, and then we went to serata familiare together with them. Usually the husband, Max, and two of his kids come, but this time, both Max and Simona came, the parents. This was the first time that we had them both at an activity, so we were really excited. Unfortunately no one showed up to serata familiare except them and the other missionaries, so Anz Parker and I were trying to decide what to do for serata familiare. Anz Parker said that we should take the opportunity to sit down with them alone and really go in depth about the Book of Mormon. I followed his wise counsel, and we asked the other missionaries to kindly leave so we could teach them. I'm so glad I listened to Anz. Parker, because we had an absolutely amazing lesson with them. We explained why the Book of Mormon is so important and why we had asked them to read it and pray about it. Max sheepishly replied that he thought he could only read it when he was with us. After bearing some really strong testimony (you could feel the spirit so strongly) we invited them to read every day in the Book of Mormon and to pray each time they read. They both accepted immediately and promised us that they would do it. A few days later when we saw them again, Simona had her Book of Mormon ready to proudly show us that she had been reading. Bear in mind, we committed them to start reading on Thursday night, and this was Monday night, but she showed us that she was already in 2nd Nephi 5. She just kept telling us how much she loves it and how excited she is to go and read it every day. Max is reading as well, but has been really busy with work, so he is reading a little slower. But Simona again yesterday was super excited to share with us what she read and the questions she had. She loves the book so much that she told us something really cool. Normally, she would never force her children to do anything, but she told her oldest child, Alessio, that after school finishes in a few weeks, to start reading the Book of Mormon. She is literally on fire right now. She never was really credente, but now she is grabbing onto the Book of Mormon exactly like the people in Lehi's dream with the iron rod. My testimony of the Book of Mormon really grew this week thanks to this amazing family. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and by reading it, just like Joseph Smith said, we will grow closer to God than by any other book. I'm so grateful and humbled by my sacred calling to share this truth with the people of Italy. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the power it contains.

I'm so lucky to be working with this family. I can't wait to see them again. Even though we see them almost 3 times a week, it's never enough! They took us out to dinner the other night for FHE. They are so awesome. Also, they want you (mom) to go and accept their Facebook friend request on my page. haha. I think that Simona also tried to friend request you directly mom. Bo...

But then another matter of importance. They are getting closer to selling their bar and they really need to get into contact with that lawyer to see if he can help them. I know you are all super busy this week with trials and all district, but if you could just find like 5 minutes to try and get in contact with him, that would be great. They thank you already for everything you guys are doing.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. So this past week, we went to transfers together with Nelson because he wanted to meet more missionaries. On our way there, after a whole train fiasco, we got stuck on the slow train going to Milano. So we started reading in the Book of Mormon together with Nelson. We tackled the infamous Jacob 5 together. But while we were reading the man sitting next to Anz Parker asked us, in perfect English, if we knew that there was the Book of Mormon on smart phones. Turns out, he lived in Las Vegas for about 20 years and had LDS roommates and friends, so he recognized the book and pulled it up on his phone and started following along. Super crazy right?? He put in some good comments and we got his phone number and a return appointment and saw him on Saturday. He's really cool. He says that he really likes us as people, but says that he will never join the church. We'll see about that one. haha. But then coming back from transfers together with Nelson, he told us that he had a friend that he wanted us to meet. So we met him at the Pavia train station and taught him really quick. Invited him to come to church and he came! He only made it for priesthood, but that's OK for now. So yeah, Nelson is pretty much a missionary already. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he reminded us of the lesson we had with Gio (the guy from the train) and asked if he could come. We brought him and after Gio asked a question about the Book of Mormon, Nelson looked at me and asked if he could answer it. He explained the answer perfectly. What a bravo ragazzo. Wow. I was impressed.

So yeah, that's our life here in Pavia. It's kinda hot, but oh well. Having way to much fun and getting work done.

Thank for the sports update. I'm super pumped that the Kings pulled it out against the Ducks and I hope we can beat the Blackhawks. Dodgers are pathetic. Gotta love them anyway.

Thanks for the summary on all those talks dad. That was really cool to see what these general authorities are talking about. Also, I loved the stories from Ward conference. Tell Brother Cross I say hi and Trenton a special hello when he gets there. I still remember going to that Real Salt Lake game with him. That was so much fun. I love that kid. I definitely count him as a good friend.

Well, I love you all and I love hearing from you all. Thank you so much for the emails and love and support. You guys are the best. 

Statemi bene i miei cari,
Anziano Langlois

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