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Best Way to Beat the Heat June 11, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!
Well, its hot. Like really hot. Like melt your face off hot and humid deathness. So basically, its hotter than Africa in here. Literally, that's what a member from Ghana said. And you guys know how much I love the heat. So I'm just loving life right now. Despite the heat, I actually am loving life. Its crazy right now! We are busy planning for Nelson's baptism which will be this Saturday!!!! YES!!!!!!! He's so ready and super bravo. He's still an awesome missionary. He brought us to meet one of his friends last night. So awesome.
Then, super exciting news. We have some more baptisms coming up in the next week. Yes, that is baptisms with a plural "S". Max and Simona are getting baptised on the 21st!!! They are soooooooooooooooooooo prepared and ready to get baptised. Here's the write up of what happened that I sent to President Dibb:
Lots of miracles this week! The main one being about that amazing De Simone family. So, we saw them on Saturday and we talked about their baptism. They decided that they don't want to wait until the 5th of July, so we moved it up to the 21st of June. Both are on board and ready to go. They are so amazing and bravi. Yesterday when we were teaching them, they had already read about the topic, and were practically teaching us about decima and diguno! We will be having the baptismal interview tonight and they are so excited. Every day that passes, they get stronger and stronger. The Lord really does prepare people. Literally everything Simona tells us about how she's feeling, sounds like it comes straight out of Preach My Gospel or a conference talk! It's so great. I love them so very much and I'm so happy that we helped them find the gospel. It really is blessing their lives already.
So yeah. Life is pretty good right now. It still hasn't set in yet that we are going to have 3 baptisms in one week. That's crazy. Not to mention the fact that 2 of those are Italians! After we get the parents baptised, we are going to focus on the kids. The parents want all of their kids to be baptised as well, so we are going to teach them the lessons, to focus on them.
Literally, I'm sitting on cloud 9 right now. It may be super hot, but secondo me, the best way to fight the heat, is with some baptisms.
Also this week, we had Stake Conference in Cimiano, Milano. It was blazing hot, but the spirit was really strong. Nelson came to both the Saturday and Sunday sessions and the entire De Simone family came to the Sunday session. I love our investigators!!!!!! The Sunday session was a special broadcast from Switzerland for all of western Europe, so President Uchtdorf and Elder Andersen were there. They had really good talks, but I couldn't really sit and reflect on them because I had to translate them for Nelson. I've got some mad respect for the church translators, because its hard. Uchtdorf's was really hard because he went off script a lot, so the translators weren't super prepared, so then it was harder for me to re-translate it into English. haha.
It's crazy to hear about all the things that are happening back at home. People leaving on missions, Robert getting married, the Kings kicking trash in the Stanley Cup finals. I'm a happy man right now. haha.
That's so cool that Allison got her mission call to Madrid. That's where my friend Holly is, so maybe she'll train Allison! haha. Please give her a big hug for me and tell her congrats from me, whenever you next see her. Tell Robert that I'm so happy for him, but at the same time, a little mad because I won't be able to go see his wedding!! hahaha
That's awesome that you talked to Angelyn (I think I spelled that wrong). She's so cool, and I'm excited to get some snail mail, because I never get any. haha. Whenever we have conference, I never have any mail, so its kinda sad. haha. But when I do get it, it makes it that much better. haha.
Thank you for the info Mom. Keep sending me it as you get it. As for pictures, just send them however you can and I will work my magic here. If they are couple pictures that's fine, but ideally, I would like individuals. I'll just be happy with whatever I get. haha.
Tomorrow, is my year mark, officially. That's crazy. It doesn't feel like a year. Seriously. The time has flown by. I really hope the second year doesn't get faster. It will be wayyy too fast. I don't want to leave!!! I love it here in Italy. It's so awesome and amazing to be a missionary here. I love it so much. But yes Mom, its official. I come home on May 29th. That's when the transfer ends, so that's when they are shipping me back on a plane. That's crazy to think that it's less than a year away.....I don't want to think about it.
As for ways to celebrate. We've got some good ones here in Pavia. To celebrate things we usually go to this "American" grill right next to our house to buy burgers. It's got nothing on real American burgers. Or gelato, or pizza. Some kind of food will be bought! haha. Some people have the tradition to burn a shirt at their year mark, but I don't know if I'll do that. I like my shirts. haha.
Thank you guys so much for you emails. Pray for Nelson and the De Simones please!!!  I will hopeful be sending you pictures of Nelson's baptism next week. Oh yeah! Speaking of pictures, I'm thinking about sending home my 16 GB memory card for you guys to empty and then resend back to me. I'm almost done with one of my two 4 GB, and I don't really want to buy some more memory cards. Let me know what you think.
Statemi bene e pregate per pioggia!!
Anziano Langlois

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