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Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime May 28, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, another beautiful week here in Pavia has come and gone. It's flown by. I feel like just yesterday I was writing you from last week. Well, anyway, its turning into summer here, but it still isn't in full heat. Thank goodness. It's starting to get hot, but then it rains and cools down, so its been kinda weird. But oh well.

So this week, we've had some really cool things happen, and not just in missionary work.

So the other day, we were in for lunch and since our apartment is separated from the river by a large busy street, we always hear motorcycles racing by or other loud noises, but this particular day, the sound was different. It kind of sounded like an old drag racer. So we looked out the window and what did we see? Not popcorn popping, but a super cool boat race!! We ran out to the fiume to watch. So after talking to this old guy, I found out that these basically supercharged jetski boat things, used to be used in a race that happened every year, from Pavia to Venezia along the river!! So cool right!!! Well, now you can't pass some parts of the river and it cost money, so they decided to drop it. But the enthusiasts now come to Pavia a couple times each year to race around Ponte Coperto to show off their thingiemabobs. Super cool. We sat and watched the end of one race, then went back home and decided to do some chalk art on the ground of the fiume, so people would stop us. There were a lot of people, but no one stopped. We made the whole plan of salvation, and tried to stop everyone, but literally no one stopped. Ah....oh well, pazienza. So we basically got to watch the rest of the races between trying to stop people.

Yesterday we went over to see the De Simone family and while we were driving there, Simona, the wife, was asking us a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon. She specifically wanted to know about the other books that Nephi talks about (his other records) and if she could read them. We then got talking about D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. She then asked us if she could buy them, so we told her about the LDS store, where she got very excited. Then she asked us about what happens after death, which was great because we had already planned to talk about the Plan of Salvation, so she was very happy to hear about the spirit world and what not. Then she started asking us questions like, "if I get baptized, but Max isn't ready, is that still OK?" or "what do I have to do to be baptized?". She is literally standing halfway in the font right now. She has been prepared for her entire life to hear the gospel, and I know she feels the spirit when she reads or when she meets with us. It's such a testimony builder to me, because out of all of the investigators I've had over this past year of my mission, none of them have read the Book of Mormon as consistently as Simona or Nelson (our baptismal date for the 6th of June), and you can see the difference. Nelson and Simona are progressing much faster than everyone else, because they are doing their part to read and pray about the truth. I know that the promise in Moroni is true. That the Lord really does answer our prayers. I'm so honored to be a part of their path towards discipleship.

And speaking of Nelson, he's totally getting baptized next Friday. we are sooooooo pumped!!!!!! He is so bravo and every time we see him (which is pretty much every day) he gets cooler and cooler. His testimony has grown so much in this past month and a half that we've known him. Actually, its only been a month! Crazy!!!! He has his interview tomorrow night, so we'll see what happens, but it looks like its about to get wet again here in Pavia.

Man oh man. Speaking of tomorrow, in a year tomorrow, I will be on my way can't believe it. That is so crazy. Where has the time gone. Just like Lizzy was saying, its crazy because at times it feels like a really long time, but at the same time, it feels like I've only been here a week or two. Nuts. My sense of time is so screwed up. haha.

And speaking to Lizzy again. Oh my goodness! When did you grow up?? You still look the same to me, but I can tell that you are so much older. Wow. You will always be like 10 in my eyes though. I don't care how old you get, you will always be 10 or so and coming into my room Christmas morning to play GameCube because you can't sleep. haha. But thank you so much for the pictures. You looked gorgeous Lizzy. Tell Kyle he chose well and he looked strapping. haha. I'm also super pumped to hear that your AP's went well. I knew you'd kill it. haha. Oh yeah, and random thought, but I don't remember if I ever told you about Adele, this girl from Prato. She was OBSESSED with One Direction. Literally, she would walk up to me in church and show me her arm that she had written song lyrics or their names on. She's crazy. Its literally all she talks about. When we went over to their house, the mom had to tell her "basta!!!" (enough). It was super funny. Especially because all of her brothers make fun of One Direction, so it was just like home. haha.

I'm super pumped to hear about the Dodgers turning it around and the Kings doing it as well. GO KINGS!!!!!! Keep me updated Dad. I love it and so does Anz Parker. We're super excited here for the world cup to start. Most Italians have already given up on their hopes to win or even get out of the group stage. haha. In fact, I saw an ad for tvs and other electronics that said, if Italy wins the mondiale, you get a full refund for what you payed. Pretty sweet deal I'd say. but you can clearly see how much confidence they have in their own national team. haha. I'm proudly supporting the US of A and I'm hoping we go far. Keep me updated on everything for the mondiale. I already made a bracket. haha.

In sad news, I'm so sorry to hear about that tragedy in Isle Vista. I knew Veronika. Not super well, but I had met her a couple times. I knew her older brother better. That's so sad. Unfortunately, I see things like that here in Italy every day. Literally every day the newspaper talks about some kind of killing or shooting or hanging or even someone getting crucified in Rome. It's so sad and a ton of people are loosing hope in God in life and just everything. That's why I try to hard to bear my testimony to the people we meet so that they can know that there is hope despite all of these tragic things that happen in the world.

Thank you so much for getting in contact with the lawyer. Let me know as soon as possible when you find out stuff. Or you can send it directly to Simona's email (Its in a couple emails back). They are literally doing everything they can to try and get to America before October. They even started looking for restaurants and housing in Thousand Oaks. haha. They are so funny. I love them so much.

I'm really jealous of your trips and I can't wait to go on them with you guys when I get home. I just miss being able to chill with the family. Oh well, only a year away.

Another random thing. Jason, I know I told you about Anz Valencia's sister in Salt Lake City. But seriously, we've been talking and you guys would really hit it off. She loves artsy things and all that fun stuff. You should at least try and contact her. At least to be friends. She sounds really cool.

Well, thank you so much for you love support and emails and prayers. They help so much. I love you guys so very much. I didn't get the time to read your talk this week dad, but we have a chill p-day today, so I'll probably read it today. I'll let you know next week what I thought.

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois

PS. I'm still trying to send photos. But some computers don't read my card reader and some do, so its a crap shoot every week. Sorry again. I'm trying!!!

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