Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saluti Da San Francisco November 12, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!!

Well, in case you were wondering, I'm not really in San Francisco, but I did just get back from Ancona which is basically an Italian and smaller version of it. This week has been crazy for me. On Monday morning, we drove down to Rimini for district meeting and then I went down to Pesaro with Anz Orso for a super fun scambio. Then the next morning, Anz Polson came and picked me up and we headed down to Ancona for their district meeting, followed by a blitz with the Anz down there. I was with Anz Pugsley. He's a cool guy. For lunch in Ancona we went to this place with giro pizza, which means that they just keep bringing it out until you tell them to stop. For 10 euro, it was payed off in a matter of a few pizzas. They brought out all different kinds and it was super good. they were kinda getting mad because we kept asking for more pizza. haha. 

Later that night, me and Pugsley basically got taught by this African preacher. That was pretty fun. He knew his bible very well and he was very excited about it. However, he didn't want to accept the Book of Mormon, even after I used the bible to prove it. Oh well, you can't win all of them. You were right dad. It's really important to know your bible. It really comes in handy sometimes. Especially with Africans who love their bible and are skeptical of anything else.

Funny story. Today we went down to the "docks" in Ancona and it reminded me so much of Northern California. It was beautiful. of course I had to climb on rocks and almost get splashed by the waves. haha. Too much fun. But then this random half naked old guy sun tanning started talking to me and when he found out I was from California, he got super excited and told me that we had to exchange emails. I did. Totally worth it. haha. I love Italians.

As for miracles this week, we set three baptismal dates!!! WHOO WHOO!!!!! If all goes well, we will have 6 baptisms in Dicembre. We are super pumped. We have been working so hard non stop and we are happy to finally see the fruits of our efforts.

On Sunday, we had to travel to Rimini to meet with our high councilman. We took the train and we had some great success talking to people on the way there and back. On the way back, we saw this couple that was very confused running around looking for their train to Ravenna. We helped them find the train and with their bags and we decided to sit next to them. They were a couple from Taranto and they were very happy to see giovani that were out doing good in the world and that spoke Italian. We talked to them the whole train ride and invited them to talk with the missionaries down in Taranto. We then helped them carry their bags to their hotel. They were very impressed by our willingness to help and we left them with a Restoration pamphlet to read on their trip. As we were leaving the train though, I noticed that a man was reading a book called "come leggere il vangelo e non perdere la fede" (how to read the gospel and not lose faith). Since I did not have the opportunity to talk to him during the trip, as we pulled into the station in Ravenna, I took my chance. He had been listening to our conversation with the couple from Taranto and was interested to learn more. We exchanged numbers and will be meeting with each other soon. Our President is really trying to get us to be more diligent on train finding which is hard for us because we rarely take trains, but when we do, we try our best. It's so awkward sometimes!!! haha. But that's the way missionary work it. We are awkward people! 

Well, I'm sad to hear that we lost the game, but I'm jealous that you guys got to go. I miss going to soccer games. 

As always, you guys are great missionaries and I love it! Every member needs to be like you guys!

That's crazy that Matt is finishing his mission. That must mean that Sam Cooley is getting pretty close too. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Before we know it, it will be Christmas skyping time. Crazy!!

Lizzy, keep working on your college apps. I know they seem hard, but its worth it. BYU is the best!!!! As you know, I didn't want to go. But after I spent a year there, I can't see myself anywhere else. It is truly a unique atmosphere and I love it. Do the best you can on your apps and the Lord will do the rest. I know he's got a plan for you. So don't worry about it. Just do it! haha

Well, like always, I'm really bad at sending pictures. I promise that I'm taking them! My camera battery must be dying because it doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to. Oh well.

Buona settimana a tutti e spero che sia piena di gioia e felicità!!!

Anziano Langlois

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