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I Believe in Miracles!! October 22, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

I don't know how it's possible, but this city is literally the city of miracles. It's crazy. Every day brings at least one new miracle. It's so awesome! The Lord is definitely hastening his work here in this part of Italy.

Miracle time!
We have been working with this 9 year old boy in our branch here in Ravenna for a while now and every time we bring up baptism his mom gets really defensive and apprehensive. This past lesson we planned on talking to him alone right after the lesson. He said the closing prayer and then looked at us and said "I don't know why, but I feel that when I get home, I will know what day I need to get baptized". It literally shocked us that the spirit answered him that quickly and that clearly. We talked about the spirit and how he testifies of truth and then we set a baptismal date. He then went home and asked his dad for permission, which his mother was really worried about, and the father said yes, but he wants to push the date back a week or two. It was such an amazing miracle to see how Heavenly Father answers all of his children, even a 9 year old boy in Ravenna, Italy.

We also had some other amazing miracles this week. A random less active (that we didn't even know existed) called us yesterday at lunch asking to meet with us. Then on Sunday, a random man walked into church and after talking to him, we found out that he was studying here in Ravenna, but is from Khazikstan. He was an investigator there and he told us that he's pretty sure he will be baptized soon. He found the church here in Ravenna with the help of some of his friends from Idaho. It was such a blessing to just have this amazing person walk into the church and find you!

We also had a mostra in centro this weekend with our members. It was a great success, especially with the giovanni. We do not have a lot here in Ravenna, so the fact that we got the phone numbers of 5 or 6 giovanni during these 3 days was a real miracle.

Every day, I realize more and more why the Lord sent me here to Ravenna. It is so amazing to think how perfectly the Lord has guided my mission. It really is an honor to serve Him.

Another miracle was the fact that we got to go to Pavia this week to pick up my permesso, so I got to eat lunch with the De Simone family again. It was the best. They are so great. I love them so much. I love seeing them. I miss them a ton. On the downside, that cost a lot of money, so we are pretty much broke right now as we wait for our reimbursements to come in from the mission. haha. Good thing its not my turn to pay for gas. haha

Sports time! 

That's crazy that the Giants are in the world series AGAIN. Holy cow!!!! They are always good now a days. they are like the Yankees of olden times. Well, keep me updated please.

That stinks that BYU football is a lost cause now, but soccer is still going strong! Yes!!! I love it!

I'm excited to Skype you guys on Christmas. It will be cool to see everyone there again like last year. Especially because there will be two new faces. 

Keep up the good work with the missionaries dad. Member help is key!! You're always a great example to me.

Band time!

That sounds like an interesting show title. Sounds very BP. haha. OH well. They got new uniforms? You will have to send me a picture sometime. I'm curious what they look like. haha. Isn't that weird though that this is the last year of going to marching band shows? You never thought it would end did you? haha

Confession time!

OK dad. I know you tell me to study my language every day, but I have to be honest. We literally have no time to do language study during the day. We are always running around doing stuff. We are trying to SYL more. It's kinda hard in the car. You feel like you're at home and you kinda forget sometimes. haha. Whoops...but when I have time, I study my language and I speak it every day during lessons so that's good practice, right?

Thinking of Christmas, are there any special things you guys want from Italy this Christmas? I'm going to start getting gifts, so let me know.

I love this work. I love being ZL. It's super busy and super fun. Scambi for days!!! haha. We are always running around and I'm so tired at the end of the day. I never have time for me. OH well, pazienza. haha

Well, I love you all so much and wish you all a happy and joyful week!

Anziano Langlois

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