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Stay On Your Toes July 16, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Good news!!!!! There are going to be pictures today!!!!! WOHOOO!!!!!! I finally got the computer to read my card, so I'm going to send about the past 5 months worth of pictures. hahaha. I hope you enjoy them.

Back to this week. Well, life as a trainer is fun. I have to stay on my toes a little bit. Anz Johnson is a fun kid, crazy, but fun. He's pretty confident, even when he doesn't know what he's doing. haha. For example, he just starts talking to random people even though he doesn't really understand them. He runs across the street to talk to people. He leads us up the wrong mountain in Lecco. You know, the usual stuff that trainee's do. haha. Let me start with that last experience. So as you know, last week, we were in Lecco to go hike the mountain again. Well, turns out, we were all following Anz Johnson (don't ask me why), who has no idea where we were going, so we ended up taking the complete wrong path and ended up on a completely different peak which was twice as tall as the one we wanted to go to. The view was amazing and I loved it, but boy was that a hard hike. We were dying. It was pretty much rock climbing at certain parts. It was pretty steep. I felt like a mountain goat. You know, minus the weird rectangular pupils. Anyway, it was super fun and I will send some pictures of that.

In other news, we celebrated Anz Salmon's birthday on Monday. We threw him a surprise party at district meeting, and he reacted in the typical Salmon expression. I love him. He's so funny. Then today is Simona's birthday, so we planned with her husband to throw a surprise party at the bar they own. We are going right over there after internet. So expect some crazy pictures next week. Continuing with the theme of birthdays, we visited a girl in the hospital this past week for her birthday. Her mom is a member and she wants to be baptized, but can't for health reasons. But, the ward threw a party for her at the hospital and it was really fun. We used that moldable plastic that Peter bought me to make her a dolphin because she loves the ocean. When we came back the other day, she was talking about that little dolphin more than the guitar that some members bought her. My heart was touched. She is such a great girl, and I want to help her as much as I can. I like going to visit her because I can practice my Spanish. I'm remembering more and more, but they just like that I even try. haha. 

In fun, random news, I looked at my family tree on the other day and I found out some really cool things. I never knew when our ancestors came over from France to Canada, or where they were from, but now I know! They are pretty much all from Normandy, and they came over in 1600 something.  I learned that we have a lot of Nicholas Langlois' on dad's side of the family. Crazy stuff. I thought it was really cool. Genealogy is fun stuff. I wish I had done more before my mission. Oh well.

Now, in way of miracles. I've got a doozie for you. At the end of our day, we were coming home and we were about to walk in the door of our palazzo, when all of a sudden a man comes running up and asks us if we are Mormons. We said yes and then he asked us if he could have a Book of Mormon, because he wanted to read it. We gladly gave him one and got his phone number and name. We were totally shocked, but he said we could call him whenever. So I called him the next day and set up an appointment to meet with him. We met with him Monday morning on a bench. Turns out that he is pretty much our neighbor. He lives just down the street about 30 seconds away. He is really interested in reading the Book of Mormon and he loved the message of the Restoration. He is very excited to learn more and when I showed him the pictures of my family on my "La Mia Famiglia" booklet, he started looking through it and got really excited when I told him about genealogical work that we do in the church. He is excited to come to church, meet with us again, and start researching his ancestors. It really was a miracle! The Lord does prepare people to accept the gospel, and sometimes they find YOU! 

In baptism news, we have the baptismal interviews for the 3 kids of the De Simone family on Saturday, so we are praying that all goes well. If so, then we have 3 more baptisms coming on the 26th. Pray for them please!! Especially for the oldest son. He is really bravo, but he doesn't want to be pushed into this, so we are praying that he can receive an answer about baptism, the Book of Mormon, and everything. I know he will, I just don't know when. All will be done in the Lord's time, so I'm not worried.

Life sounds pretty crazy back at home right now. Basically everything is coming together at the same time. That's usually how Satan works, so just keep being strong, and "all these things will be for your good", as the Lord told the prophet Joseph Smith.

I'm super jealous of your awesome vacation, it sounded sweet! Between Lizzy and Dad, I literally felt like I was there. haha. I can't believe how old Jude is getting. He's going to be completely different when I get home and Ellie will be huge too!  So will Atticus!! Holy cow! Life goes fast when you're gone for 2 years! haha. Speaking of Atticus, I'm super happy to hear that all is going well and that he is at home. Mom will have to send me some pictures of him.

In news of the mondiale, I'm sad that Argentina lost, because I wanted Messi to win his first world cup, but I'm happy that Gotze scored the winning goal, because I really like him as a player. He's young and he's good, so he deserved it. Soccer kinda goes on standby for the next month or so, and then it kicks right back up, so I'm excited. haha.

Lizzy, yes, I do remember the Turnbow farm. I was big enough to remember certain things like Linda crashing the 4 wheeler with all of us on it, or me and Dallas going out on the 4 wheelers and finding a new born calf and the dreaded Idaho farm flu that destroyed Dad and Jason. haha. Good times. Hey, I'm super pumped that you loved BYU. It's so awesome, I tell you. I love BYU so much. It was so much fun and I know that if the Lord needs you there, like he needed me there, you will get in no problem. You're a smart girl, so keep using your head. haha. I miss Slab so much. I'm pretty sure it still some of the best pizza that I've ever had. The Eric is way too good. When I tell Italians that I have a pizza named after me, they die laughing. They think its hilarious. I don't know why, but they do. haha.

Well, I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week! Life in the mission goes on and so does life back home. Keep on reading conference talks and putting them into practice! Those are the words of living prphets who speak with God and Jesus Christ. How could we ever go wrong listening to them! haha

Vi voglio bene tutti!!
Anziano Langlois

Anziano Parker and Langlois

Anziano Salmon

Baptism of Nelson

Baptism of the De Simones

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