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Miracles In Disguise August 6, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, first of all, it sounds like you are having a fun time camping in Big Sur. I miss camping a lot. Random comment about camping, the De Simone's really want to go camping in the Sequoia, but they said that they will wait until I come home to go. They want to go with our family camping. haha. I love them so much. I really hope they get to where the Lord needs them to be soon. 

Anyway, onto our week here in beautiful Pavia. Life is good. It's humid and kinda hot, but cool at the same time. It's mostly the humidity that kills us when we get home. It's so gross in our house. We are on the first floor so we can't leave our windows open. Oh well. Pazienza. 

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD (on Saturday)!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be camping with you guys, because it's always so much fun, but I'm out here having my own fun adventure here in Italia. I love it here by the way. Can't you tell? hahaha

So the other week, the other Anziani lost their phone, so they've been using ours. This week, ours just randomly stopped working. So after a few days of neither coppia having a phone, and having to use payphones and the Sorelle's phone and member's phones and what not, the other anziani got a replacement phone and we found out that when they cancelled the other number, they probably accidentally cut ours as well, because our number no longer exists. So yay, fun stuff. The office knows, so hopefully we will be getting a replacement sometime soon. I don't know how missionaries did it back in the day without phones. They are so useful, but then again, they didn't have to deal with people who basically live on their phones like we do now a days. So anyway, we are now borrowing the other anziani's phone with them. Fun stuff. I always carry ours around in hope that it magically starts working, but like I told our bishop, the only thing its good for right now is weighing down paper.

Miracle time! One day this week, we passed by a less active member that we had a lesson set up with. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. So we went to our backup, strada. When we arrived at the street that we wanted to do some finding work on, we didn't know which way to go. We said a prayer and then decided to go one direction. While walking, we saw in the distance a young man walking, and I told Anz Johnson that he needed to hear the gospel. We stopped him and ended up teaching him a lesson on the street and we set up a return appointment. Unfortunately, he did not show up to our return appointment, but we are trying to contact him again and set up another lesson. But then, right after we had talked to him, we kept walking down the street and I saw a man pull over to the side of the road on his moto. I felt like I needed to talk to him. Anz Johnson felt that he needed to talk to him, and this man felt like he needed to talk to US! He actually stopped up before we could stop him and we started up a discussion. We found out that this man, Fabrizio, met a member of the church who is now serving a mission in Sicilia with his wife in Utah while he was there on vacation and he wanted to meet with us. I couldn't believe my ears! It was crazy! We got his phone number and because our phone is broken, we could easily get his address. Miracles in disguise! Yesterday, we went and saw him and he is very open. He told us that he had many prejudices against the church, but after he went to Utah and went on a tour of Temple Square, he completely changed his mind. One thing that really stuck out to me when we were teaching was after we bore testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, he told us that he can see it in our eyes that we really believe what we were saying. I really learned that when you bear real, heartfelt testimony, the people can feel it. He is excited to meet us again, and he really wants us to meet his son and compagna. The Lord really does bless us in so many ways. It's amazing how he prepares people and puts them in our path for us to find. I've seen this over and over again in my mission and this week was just another example of how the Lord blesses his missionaries.

In transfer news, we had in the words of Dad, "SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK!!!". Since our phone was broken, we called the assistants the night before transfers calls on the sorelle's phone to ask what was happening, because we all figured that we would all stay together. Guess not!! Turns out Anz Erickson is getting transferred down to Livorno. We were pretty surprised. It's sad, because we were having a lot of fun together, but we pretty much know what is happening next transfer already. Salmon finishes his mission and I'm probably going to leave, and they are going to close a companionship. Fun stuff. Well, who knows what will really happen. President has been doing some weird stuff lately. Oh well, we'll leave that for 6 weeks from now.

Well, I think that's all I really have to say right now. Roast some "delicious hot shmoes" for me. haha. Toy story reference...

Have a blast camping and send me some pictures! Tell Robert congrats from me. I wish I could be there, but I'll see him in a year or so.

Thank you all for all that you do. I love you guys so much and I pray for you all every night. Please pray for us that we can find new investigators! The month of August in Italy is really tough. Basically the whole country shuts down and goes to the beach. We could really use your prayers right now.

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois
Baptism of the De Simone children.

Hospital visit.

District in Pavia

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