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Time Is Short, Literally!!! February 25, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, sorry, but this email is kinda rushed because we just got back from our scambio in Ancona and we have an appointment in an hour to hopefully 100% confirm our baptisms for this Saturday. That's right. BaptismS!!! A family that we've been working with finally set a solid date and passed their interviews. However, there are some doubts that we are going to clear up tonight with our branch president. So, we should have two baptisms this Saturday. What a way to go out of Ravenna!!!! I still don't know if I'm leaving, but I'm pretty sure. I will also know on Saturday about that. Crazy. Life is moving fast.

Well, yesterday, I was on a scambio in Ancona. It literally was full of miracles. During the first hour of finding work we had, we taught 3 lessons and got 2 new investigators. Then after lunch, we were able to teach 3 more lessons and receive the contact information of 6 people. We saw firsthand the power of teach to find in action. The District Leader I was with was shocked to see how much success we had and he asked me how it was possible. I told him that it is all about attitude and teach to find. It really does work. Yesterday, we were able to teach 12 lessons combined with Anz Cardullo and the District Leader's comp. It was probably one of the best scambi that I have ever been on. I'm so happy that I had that opportunity to show my fellow missionary the power of teach to find. It really does work.

Thanks for the recap on the MTC seminar. That was really cool. I am totally in agreement with what they said, especially about smiling!! It makes such a difference.

That's so awesome about your talks in the Spanish branch. Way to go Lizzy!!!!! Gift of tongues!!

Speaking of awesome, that is so cool is Paige really got baptized!!!!! I'm so happy for her! You need to find out more and let me know.

As for registering for classes, I will send you my email info in a separate email, but I think I will just try and sign up for them. We'll see what day I need to do it and whatnot, but I really need to start thinking about that. Weird.

Let me know about Lizzy and her schools. I hope to hear good news next week!

Well, in other random news, we had Cardullo's birthday last Thursday and it was so much fun. We went and visited some of our friends who have a pizzeria and an Indian couple who I translated for at the same pizzeria a few days earlier bought us pizza for his birthday. They were so nice!!!! Then we went to some members house and had a really good dinner. I love Italians. Oh yeah! And this family said we could stay at their house when we come back. 

OK, well, sorry again this was so short. I love you all and will write more next week!!!

Pregate per Ravenna!!!!
Anziano Langlois

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