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There's A First Time For Everything February 11, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, as I get older and older, I think the best word to describe how I feel is.....tired. Super super tired. Not tired as in I'm tired of being a missionary, because I love it, just tired in the fact that I crash in about 5 minutes if I ever sit down and stop moving, (I guess I got that from Dad) my brain is exhausted at the end of the day and I struggle to make coherent sentences, and just...well....yeah. haha. I hope that makes sense. We had a long and weird week.

I will start with the miracle, then go on to our super exciting adventure story.

This week we were able to see one of our investigators and she has a great desire to be baptized. That is a great miracle, because just a few days earlier, she had told Anz Cardullo that she didn't feel ready because of all the medication she is taking. She has a great desire to be baptized and is currently talking to all of her friends about the church. She has already given out two BoM's to her friends, and she is showing her desire to follow Christ through her works. After a good lesson, I felt prompted to read Mosiah 18:8-10 with her and ask her what she had against being baptized. She then told us that she was really sad she did not make her earlier date, but is really excited to make this decision. It was then her that asked about a date. As you already know, we are going to try and see the husband tonight to talk about his thoughts on baptism. I really hope we can figure this situation out soon. So if you could please send some prayers our way for this family (la famiglia Felisatti), it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, it switched colors on me. I can't figure out how to reverse it. Anyway...story time.

OK, so this past week we had consiglio in Milano. No big deal. We call the Bologna capi the night before to confirm that we were going to pick them up. They told us that it had been snowing all day and was suppose to snow until noon the next day. No big deal. We left around 6:30 to get in Milano around 9:45, not a super long trip.....or so we thought. About 15 minutes into our trip, we try to get on the autostrada (cioe the toll road) and it is completely blocked. No cars are being allowed on. We sit in the pouring rain for about 30 minutes, after which a car turns around and tells us that everything is blocked, so we should take a different road. So we took all the backstreets in the middle of nowhere. We got to Bologna an hour late and it was completely shut down. Cars were buried in snow. Luckily the streets were clear enough to get through. So we pick them up and leave Bologna. We get to the autostrada entrance and we get stuck again. This time for 45 minutes. After watching a snow plow hopelessly drive away from "clearing" the on ramp, a man told us that it was all clear, but the police put up a barricade and were not letting people on. So we left and took a different road. This is where my first snow driving experience starts. We took completely frozen roads for about 30 minutes trying to find the next on ramp, hoping it would be open. Sure enough, it was, so we got on. Then we were going pretty slow, but then we hit Parma and we entered into a blizzard. It was super snowy and we were down to one lane going pretty slow. At the end of all this, we finally got to 1:30.......7. HOURS. Ridiculous. Then after missing half of consiglio, we left Milano at 5:00 and there was no snow. Thank goodness, but that didn't stop the traffic. We were literally stuck, completely stopped in the fast lane for an hour. And then later for about 30 more minutes. We finally got into Bologna at 10:00, so we just spent the night there and came back the next morning. In total, this trip took 26 hours. 13 of which were spent in the car. I could have driven from home to BYU in that time!!!! Instead, we only traveled 624 km.....moral of this story, when it snows, all of Italy shuts down. That really threw me off for the rest of the week. I'm so exhausted because I had to drive the whole thing, because Cardullo's license got stolen. It was a nightmare. But, I survived it and now I can drive in the snow! haha

Speaking of driving, I'm glad to see my car is still alive. I miss it. 

Thank you for the heads up on BYU info. I'm pretty sure I fall under the March 27 date, but I will send you my lo-gin info in a different email, so you can check for sure.

As for the new ATM card. Please don't activate it. I need my card right now. haha. I'm pretty sure it's under my phone number, but I'm not sure really.

That's so awesome that Lizzy already got into 2 of her schools!!! Way to go!!!! Let me about the others when you find out. 

That's really cool that you got to go to that concert at Disney Concert Hall. I love that place. It's got amazing acoustics. It was also pretty fun to watch the conductor. They are usually pretty animated.

Italy is amazing and I love every minute of being here. I miss it already. My time here in Ravenna is creeping to a close and it's weird. But nothing is set in stone yet, so we will see what happens. As for what Pat said, I can still remember his exact face and tone of voice as he said it to me. I will never forget that. I will not come home with regrets. I'm leaving it all out here, because this is where my heart is and the thought of leaving, tears me apart.

I know that this is the Lord's work and I love being part of it. It's the best!!!!

Thank you for your love and your support.

Vi voglio un saccone di bene!!!
Anziano Langlois

PS. I'm trying to carry on the Langlois family mustache! haha 

PPS. "do you wanna build a snowman??"

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