Sunday, February 8, 2015

C'e Tanto Da Fare January 28, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!!! (the exclamation points are back. haha)

First of all, who was grateful for tri tip? Because I'm totally in agreement. (Eric was sent a picture of a Thanksgiving tree that Linda's family made.  Each leaf said something they were thankful for.) I miss American meat. It's soooo good. Italy has got some really good food, but meat is not their forte. Which doesn't make sense now that I know Italian, because "forte" means "strong", so it's close to being correct. They should say "forza" which means "strength", but oh well. haha. Speaking of that, I've kinda noticed that we use a lot of random Italian words incorrectly in English. Such as....I can't remember any right now....awkward. But trust me, there are some! haha

Thank you so much mom for doing housing for me. I already thanked the office elders, who is one of my friends from my group. I just had one question, I got this email directly from Campus Plaza, I will send it to you as well. It tells me to login and accept a roommate request or something. Boh...pensaci te. (You take care of it).

Still on the subject of school, when do I have to sign up for classes by? I need to know so I can get permission to go online and look at the classes list. Holy cow, I have to decide this stuff soon. That's weird. Time is going by really fast.

OK, super miracle time. I just got an email this week from Alessio De Simone (the son) telling me that he got baptized. I'm so pumped!!!!!! I knew it would happen, and now I'm so happy that their family is now united in the gospel. I literally cannot express my love and gratitude for that family. They are literally the miracle of my mission. I can't wait to see them get sealed in the temple. I know that the Lord placed me here in Italy to find families like theirs. I love the country and I love it's people. I know that the Lord has a lot in store for me in these last few month. I want to just work my brains out and try and catch all of the miracles as they literally pour out of heaven like the Guatemala rain. haha

Here in Ravenna, we are getting really close to a few baptisms. We have a couple investigators that were really progressing and are now kinda fading away, and our weaker investigators are now really progressing. It's a weird reversal of fortune. We are teaching this one young man from Kazakhstan, who is super cool. He told us that he wants to get baptized and move to Salt Lake, right by the temple. haha. Then we are really working hard with the father of a part member family and he is so close to baptism. I'm almost positive he will get baptized on the 14th, because the spirit really testified to me that was the correct date for him. It's such an exciting time to be a missionary!!!! I love it!!! I get so excited all the time! WHOOO!!!!! It's the best!! 

Yesterday, we went over to a less active member's house and we watched a Mormon message with him. He really enjoyed the video we watched ,so after teaching the lesson, we invited him to share it with his friends. We showed him right there how to share Mormon messages with his friends on Facebook. We invited it to one of his friends and then he asked if he could share it with another. Then he asked how he could share it with everyone. He was so excited to "hoist upon every tower" (Alma 46:36) the good news of the gospel and share it with his friends through social media. We told him that we would be back to check up on what his friends said, and he was eager to let us know. 

OK, random Italian fact time. So the other night we went over to a member's house to help him chip/sand old paint off his wall so they can repaint it. Let me just say that Italian paint is sooooo different than American paint. I can basically spit on the wall and it comes off in some parts and other parts, not even a belt sander can pull it off. It's ridiculous. You also have to put a ton of paint on the wall for it to stick. It's super weird. But it was fun. I love service.

Before I forget. Happy late birthday Peter!!!! I knew it was around January, but I couldn't remember when. 

I can't believe how old Lizzy looks. She's growing and it's weird. However, Anz Cardullo says that she's not allowed to wear those camo pants. haha. It's funny because that was Italian fashion last year. I guess America is kinda behind. haha. They are actually still popular right now, but that's not important.

I'm really sorry to hear that Linda's family is sick. That is no fun. Poor Judester.

Everyone here has been talking about that big blizzard. They told me that if you went outside in your car, you got a 600 dollar ticket or something like that. Weird. 

I loved the pictures! It is so great to see you all are doing well. Good to hear that my car still exists. I love that car. I miss it a lot. Our car here takes like 9 years to get up to speed. I feel like Fred Flintstone could beat us in a race. haha. 

Keep up the good work with less actives and inactives. The biggest thing they need is a friend in the church. That is what helps them come back to stay.

Thank you so much for your prayers on my behalf and on the behalf of the people here in Ravenna. They really need them. It is a hard time for a lot of people and Satan is working really hard on them. 

I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Anziano Langlois

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