Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ravenna Round 4 January 21, 2015

Ciao tutti....the shift button doesn't work half the time on this keyboard, so no parenthesis or exclamation points. Sorry. 

Anywho, I'm staying here in Ravenna for a fourth. I'm happy to stay. I don't feel like my time here is done yet. I'm looking forward to a transfer full of miracles. Ravenna is the city of miracles afterall. haha.

Speaking of miracles, last Sunday was a super miracle day. It started just like any other Sunday, with church and everything. then, after lunch, we went with a member to go teach this family of referrals that we had received a month ago, they told us to wait until after the holidays to contact them. We drove all the way out there only to find out that the newborn child of their neighbor had passed away and they were very upset. I immediately started to talk about the plan of salvation, but he didn't want to hear any of it at that time. Whatever we tried to say, he rejected by saying that he was too tired to talk right now. He closed the door and that was it. So we were pretty upset and sad for this family. We ended up talking to the member about his family mission plan and talked about how he could help this family and their neighbor, who the member actually works with. After a good lesson, we drove to another appointment and before we got there, another referral we had been trying to contact called us to say hi to us. So now, we have his phone number. After our appointment, the mother of this family had a friend over and she started talking to her about meeting with us and the friend didn't want to hear it. But she persisted and bore a powerful testimony and the friend agreed to meet with us this week. Unfortunately, our member was sick and the lesson fell through, but we have our foot in the door with this new potential. We went and did some pass bys and while we were walking between houses, we were stopping people. Eventually, there was a mother and her daughter followed very closely by a single man. I normally would stop the family, but I felt like I needed to stop the man, so I did. Anz Cardullo thought I was crazy, but after talking for a little bit, we were able to teach this man right there on the street and get his address and a return appointment. It was such a cool miracle. We passed by the pizzeria owned by some of our potentials who Anz Cardullo and Miller found on a scambio. We taught them once, but we're not able to set up a return appointment. So we passed by and they were so happy to see us and we were able to set up a return appointment, so they both became new investigators as well. We got three new investigators in less than an hour and it was such a miracle. then while calling all the district leaders that night, I found out that the zone has been doing great too. They found 19 new investigators and set 6 new baptismal dates. It was such a great week. I'm so proud of them. I love this zone so much and I'm so happy to be here serving with these great missionaries.

Looks like dad has the same idea that I have. After this transfer, I figure President will send me off to who knows where to train and die. I'd be fine with that. training Anz Johnson was fun. I could do it again. But that's 6 weeks away, so no need to worry about that now. 

I can't believe the Packers blew it that bad. Anz Polson must be really mad, he's a Packers fan. In sports these days, it seems like it's always the same teams who win.  I guess it's always been like that. Oh well. 

Congrats on the two new callings dad. I know how much you love teaching, so you scored with that age group. Get them all ready for missions and college and whatnot. haha. I hope there isn't anything too seriously with your shoulder. Let me know what the doctors say.

Well, I apologize again that I'm not writing that much. A lot of stuff happens, I just can't always talk about it or I forget. Bo...don't worry though, I'm writing everything down in my journal. I haven't missed a day yet. I'm quite proud of that.

Well, I don't remember if I asked about this last week mom, but can you figure out what we need to do to renew my drivers license? It expires on my birthday, so we have some time, but it would be good to start getting informed about it.

If you guys could all remember the Felisatti family in your prayers, that would be really helpful. Satan is working really hard on this family and we are not giving up. 

I love you all a lot, so don't forget that. 

I'm going to try and send photos this week, let's see if it works.

Alla prossima,
Anziano Langlois

PS. I tried to be fancy and cook this special pasta yesterday. It took an hour and wasn't that great....ahh....pazienza. 

PPS. he first picture is where Dante's bones used to be....we don't know where they are now though...


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