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Et Capii? September 24, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well...I'm tired. So so so so soooooooo tired. We are always busy here in Ravenna. Holy cow. I walked into the best place EVER!!!!! Our coppia has taught at least 15 lessons every week for the past 6 months. We have a ton of work to do here. We are literally always running from lesson to lesson. The biggest problem we have is trying to fit everyone in that we need to see. Its so cool and so much fun. We would literally die without our car. It helps so much. It cuts out so much time between lessons. Every now and then we use our bikes, but we are usually in a hurry so we take the car. Which is really nice by the way. I can't drive it yet though. I have to wait until I'm "trained" next week at consiglio. Let's just say, I can't wait till next week. Anziano Polson is a great driver, we just have different driving techniques. Anyway, a little about him. He's from Rigby, Idaho...and you can tell. haha. He cracks me up. He is HUGE!!!! And just sweet as can be. He says the funniest things. I'm almost always smiling for one reason or another. He's in his last 2 transfers, so I think I will end up "killing" (term for being the last companion before a missionary goes home) him here in Ravenna, but who knows. We'll see what happens.

OK, since I've been in a car for the past week, I've really realized why almost no missionaries have cars here. 1. gas is SOOOOOO expensive!!!!! Holy cow. 80 euro to fill up our car. That's ridiculous!!!!!!! And 2. the streets here are RETARDED. Oh my gosh. Every street is a one way, and they just wander and you have to go almost 15 minutes out of your way to move 1 kilometer forward. It's ridiculous. But, I love having the car, so I'm done complaining. haha.

A little bit about Ravenna and our zone here. Ravenna is gorgeous. There are so many tourists though. Dante's tomb is here (ooooooo....ahhhhhh) It's not really that cool. Then there are the mosaic churches that we are going to see soon. It's about 15 minutes from the beach, so it kinda feels like home. haha. Our zone stretches from Ravenna to Ancona which is super far away in case you were wondering. It's just right along the Adriatic and it's awesome. We drove to Rimini to do a scambio and it was gorgeous!!!! Everything Pat and Cheri talked about it is true. The church is so cool!!!! It just feels like a home. I got to ride through the streets and go see the beautiful skyline with Anz Mata'u (who served with Anz Windley). It was really fun. Then a huge storm came through and it made me miss Genova. Ahh..the good old days.

This next week, we are going out to Ancona and Pesaro and Milano for consiglio so we will be putting some kilometers on the car. We are also going to see San Marino. That's right. I'm leaving Italy.....sorta. haha. I heard its super  cool, so I'm pumped. Everything is cheaper there too because they don't have taxes. Benefits of being a city-country I guess. haha. Basically, I love it here. It's just tiring. Working hard and at the end of the day, I'm pooped.

My miracle this week started on my first night here in Ravenna. We went to AMM (youth activity) to help the giovani and a less active came. Anz Polson told me that recently he has made changes in his life to better follow the gospel and he is really progressing fast. We immediately made a strong friendship. He then came and helped us with a lesson a few days later. And then after church, he offered to help us with any lesson. He is really making leaps and bounds in solidifying his testimony of the gospel.

It's a good week in BYU sports. Right on. Dodgers are doing great so that's a miracle. haha. World Series here we come!!!!

I'm glad you got the memory card. There are a lot of pictures there. Don't worry, I've learned the importance of having people in pictures (thanks to Anz Salmon). I still have a million more, so just get ready. But honestly, the pictures don't even serve it justice. This country is amazing.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! I'll keep working hard and you guys keep on being awesome! I love you all so much!

Anziano Langlois

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