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Time Flies March 26, 2014

Ciao tutti!

Porca miseria!!! Time is flying by. I can't believe that its almost my birthday and that I've been out on my mission for so long. It's totally crazy. Any who, first of all, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It's going to be weird not really having any connection with you guys on my actual birthday, but I know that you are always close. I can feel it. Also, I'm going to be 20. WHAAAAAATTTTT???????????? I will never be a teenager again. Meno male. But that's so weird. Also, I realized that I will never be 20 in America. Weird right? So crazy that I'm going to be in Italy for an entire year straight.

Other random, not so important news. Thanks for the bracket info dad. I'm pretty sure mine got destroyed. haha. That's crazy that Duke already lost. I know they always choke, but I wasn't thinking that early. That's why they call it March madness, its really crazy. We all made brackets in our apartment, so we'll see who wins. I think it might be Valencia who just picked his by flipping a coin. haha.

OK, so I just read Linda's last blog post about Jude. He is so cute. Oh my gosh. And I'm sad to say, but I'm pretty sure Jude's English is better than mine right now. haha. I swear I make no sense. I don't know how you guys read these emails. They probably make no sense. 

Any who, I haven't gotten the package yet, but don't worry, I'll get it eventually. haha I don't have headphones here at the university, so I can't watch the video right now, but I will try to watch it when I can. 

OH yeah! I found out that Fratello Jeter (my teacher from the MTC) trained Anz Davis' (my grandpa) trainer, so I'm his great great grandson! Small world right? haha. I thought that was funny. Let me think, other random new things. Oh yeah! That's so crazy that Robert gets home in 30 days!!!! The other day I was thinking about him, and I didn't realize how close he really was to finishing. Crazy how fast time flies. I also hear that Brooke Hamilton is getting married. Auguri to her! The last of the clan to get married.

Any who, so this week was crazy like always, but in a different sense of the word crazy. Basically, Anz Parker and I have been just kinda talking in English to one another (I know dad, syl syl syl syl ), but just speaking English, we've got stopped by 6 or 7 people randomly. One of them is here on business and he just decided to go out one night, even though he doesn't really speak Italian, and guess who he runs into, but two Americans speaking in English. He was super pumped and he was actually super interested in the gospel. We're trying to see him again because he's really busy so we can give him a Book of Mormon, but he's super bravo and was totally led by the spirit to go out that night. Then we met an Italian who was born in Texas and basically all of her family except her are members and she asked us for a Book of Mormon for her friend. Super crazy things happening.

In other news, we set 3 more bapt dates this week! That puts us at 5 for this month and I'm pretty sure we are the highest in the zone right now. That's pretty cool. We are just super blessed. Last week, the other Anziani had to come to Voghera to bring us Anz. Parker's wallet (like I mentioned last week), and while they were there, they met a man named Victor. They taught him really quick and got his phone number. Then they passed him to our copia, so we called him and set up an appointment to meet him. Anz. Valencia and I met up with him on a scambio and started teaching him the Restoration. When we got to the great apostasy, his wife, Macy, walked up with their two children. We invited her to sit down with us and listen to the lesson. She happily agreed. After we taught about the Book of Mormon, we gave them a copy and then we invited them both to be baptized. They both accepted, so we proceeded to try and set a date, and they accepted that too. So it was a miracle! We started teaching one family, and just like President Dibb always says, "we're in the business of completing families", so we are already on that path to complete this family in the gospel. 

Then we set another bapt date with the wife of one of our new converts. Super awesome. We are trying to hard to make sure that these dates stick and actually go through, while setting even more and trying to find even more people to teach. Life is hectic.

Like I said last week, I found out that Tullio got baptized in Prato. In fact, Anz Andersen called me from the baptism and I got to talk to Tullio for a minute. He was so happy and I could just tell how important the gospel is to him. GOSH!!!! I love Tullio! He's such a boss!!!

Another thing, I gave my very first talk this week. It was on how Christ is the rock of our salvation. Super easy topic. Had a ton of scriptures and it went great. People said they liked it, so that's always good. And in SYL (speak your language) news, I just finished the Pearl of Great Price in Italian last week, so now I've read the entire triple in Italian. I'm now in the New Testament. A lot harder to understand, but the first day I read in it, I literally learned so much. I had such an awesome study for an hour straight. It was so cool! I didn't want to stop reading. I love the scriptures.

I also made the armor of god out of pizza boxes and tin foil for our serata familiare. We put it on one of the sorelle's investigators, Eduardo. It was so funny. I attach the picture.
Oh yeah! yesterday, we got fed well. Anzi, we got fed well this whole week. We had an awesome meal with some investigators last Wednesday, then Thursday we ate with a part member family. Then yesterday we ate lunch with our vescovo and then dinner with another family. I love Italians. They treat the missionaries well. I hope you guys are prepared for some good food when you come over here.

Well, that's pretty much my week in a nutshell. We're going to Milano today, so I'll have some cool duomo pictures next week.

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes and your support. I love you all so much and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Statemi bene!
Anziano Langlois


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