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By The Great Horn Spoon March 5, 2014

Ciao tutti!!

Ok, so basically, I only think Lizzy, Erin, and Linda will get that title, but don't worry, I'll explain. So that is a book we read in 4th grade about the CA gold rush, and so I'm basically saying that we hit the gold mine. Because we did.

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!! The mission has really been pushing for trying to get referrals from everyone. members, investigators, less actives, random people on the street, everyone!! So we've been trying to do this for a longggggg time and not really to any success. The success that I saw, turned out to be me referring the people to other missionaries, which is fine, but gets kinda annoying. But anyway, so my first couple days here, we got a phone call from the Alessandria Sorelle, saying that they might have a few referrals for us. We met them last Thursday in Voghera (a city in our area) like they told us too and boy were we in for a surprise. We ended up meeting this family of 4. Their daughter is getting baptized this Saturday by the Alessandria Sorelle, but then she will be in our Ward. So we got about 3 referrals there. Then we went to a different family who is still related to that family, and they have about 6 members in their family. 6 more referrals, and then the daughter had a friend over, new investigator. Then there was a less active member of that family who is married and has a kid with a fidanzata (fiancee sorta), so there are 3 more referrals. We couldn't believe our eyes! They were coming out of literally no where! They are all super bravi and are all related to this one member from Alessandria, hence why the Alessandria Sorelle got them first. They fed us some really good Santo Domingian food and we are going back tomorrow to see them again. We got 3 new investigators in about an hour. It was awesome! But then it gets better. Yesterday we got a referral from the Pavia Sorelle, and so we met him at the train station and taught him. Not only did he become a new investigator, but we also set a baptism date with him! And during the lesson, we got a text from the office saying that we had another referral. We have referrals "coming out of the wahzoo"  as Anziano Parker said. It's ridiculous. In the past week alone, we have gotten 6 new investigators and like 15 referrals. It's nuts!!! The Lord really does bless his faithful servants. It may seem like we are always giving and never receiving, but just like I read in Acts the other day, "it is better to give than to receive". And as a result, we received a TON of blessings. Holy cow. I still can't believe it. What a crazy week. But we are not stopping there. We are still asking everyone for referrals and we know that these people we just met have friends and they have friends and they have friends, so we will just keep working hard and asking for referrals.

Everything else kinda seems really lame compared to that. haha But this week, it rained a lot. And unlike Toscana, when it rains here, it's super cold. Like freezing cold. So that kinda stinks. And because most people are old here or in college, when it rains, literally no one is outside. But oh well, we try our best anyway. Speaking of rain, we went to Milano last week and it was raining, but I finally got to see this famous Duomo that everyone is talking about. yeah, its kinda huge and looks really cool. I still like Firenze's better, but oh well. Can't really complain. haha. We also ate these really good pizza things, that were basically Italian homemade hot pockets, they were super good. So we continue to eat well. haha. And speaking of food. Like you asked dad, we do not get fed as much as American missionaries. We are trying to start a meal calendar like they do back home, but we'll see what happens. The thing is, we are only allowed to eat with members for lunch, unless there is a less active or non member present. We also don't have an hour set aside for dinner every night like the missionaries in America. Magari...but when the members see us, they always try and feed us, and us being polite missionaries, will never turn down food. Unless we have to run back to the station to catch a train like we did last Wednesday. They still gave us candy though. haha. I love the members here. Speaking of members, our Vescovo is a boss. He played professional calcetto for Ravenna before he got baptized. I talk about soccer a lot with him and we are going to play sometime together. So excited. We have so many people that want to play calcio with us. For example, those two families we met as referrals, both have sons our age that are setting up games for us to come and play with them and their friends. More referrals. Whoo sports contacting! So I'm basically really pumped to be here right now. I love this city a lot and I can't believe that I've only been here for 2 weeks, its seems like a lot more. Weird how time works on the mission. 

Thanks again for the sports info Dad. I loved seeing those soccer scores from my team. Those are great numbers. haha. I hope we don't one and done in the tourney, but we'll see. Keep me updated.

I love you all so much and thank you so much for your emails like always.

Until next week y'all!!
Anziano Langlois

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