Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One of Those Books... January 8, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, I just got done spending an awesome day in Italy with Sean and Sylvia. It was so great to see them. I can't believe how lucky I am to have been able to see them. I got the gifts so thank you so much. Especially thank you to Erin, that scarf is awesome! My comp is super jealous.

Well, basically we met them at this train station in Firenze and then we went to San Gimignano which is this super awesome medieval town with these lord of the rings -esk towers. It was super fun. The city was almost deserted, so that was pretty weird, but that's because literally everyone was on holiday. The stores were all closed until February or March! That's Italy for you. Then we came back to Firenze and we went to this restaurant for lunch. It was super good. We got some really good pizza. Then we went to this really gorgeous city on the hill above Firenze called Fiesole, where Leonardo Da Vinci first tried his flying machine. The view was gorgeous, minus the layer of fog. Then they dropped us off and we might see them again next Wednesday before they leave on Thursday, but we'll see. It was so cool to see them. I was so happy and excited to just talk to them. Sylvia showed us where she grew up and went to high school. It was awesome. 

This week, we had an awesome miracle. So a few weeks ago a member told us that she wanted us to meet some of her friends. So we went to go meet them yesterday and it turns out that we got to meet someone else, their niece. We talked a little bit about giving some service for her aunts (the original referrals), and then the lady asked us who we were, what our church was, what the book of Mormon was, it was awesome! We gladly explained to her about the Restoration and she then asked us where she could get "one of those books". We eagerly handed her over one and she gratefully accepted it and told us that she wants to meet with us again! We couldn't believe what we were hearing! Then she asked us when church was. Our jaws hit the ground faster than Dad's when you play a good move in Rummi 500 or King's in the corner. "Shock shock shock!". haha. Then after that, she told us to come back every Tuesday morning and talk to other people just like her. So basically we found the gold mine! We really hope this grows our teaching pool a lot. It was such a miracle. And it's all thanks to our new comp motto: "touch gold". Every time we leave the room (which we rearranged) we touch the BYU women's soccer poster. Guaranteed miracle every time. 
It's amazing how the Lord blesses us in so many ways. I love it here in Prato. By the way, no one got transferred in our apartment, so we are exactly the same. I'm so grateful for the people we talk with everyday and for the miracles we see. The Lord has definitely taught me about patience while I've been here, and I'm so grateful.
Thanks for the super detailed sports report Dad. I'm bummed my package hasn't gotten there yet. I really hope it didn't get lost. That would stink, but oh well if it did. Let me know if it shows up.
I'm sad I can't be there at Grandpa's funeral, but I know he understands. I am so happy for the plan of salvation and for temples, that we can be sealed to our families for time and all eternity. I love Grandpa Fackrell so much and I know he's already back out to work in the spirit world. Send my love to Grandma and thank her again for her gift. You are the best Grandma!!! I love you so much!!!
Thank you so much for writing me everyone, and I love you all. This new year is such a great time for us to rededicate our lives to serving the Lord. I'm doing my part here and I know that you are all doing your part there. I love you all so much.
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois
PS: Mom, I bought a 32 gb flashdrive yesterday because I ran out of room on mine. So just a heads up.

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