Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fa freddissimo!!! January 29, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

So basically, let me just start out by saying that humidity sucks, because when its cold, it just cuts right through you. So basically, we are now coming into the days of winter here in Prato that are super cold. They have a special name, but I kinda forgot it. Colpa mia. So it has just been brutally cold here for the past few days and its suppose to get colder. It was suppose to snow today, but there is just sunshine instead. Much better, especially because we want to play some basketball and calcio today. This weather kind of reminds me of Utah, because it looks like it is a gorgeous day, but then we go outside and it is just butt cold. Oh well, like I wittily said this week, "its always a day to share the gospel, it may not be a beautiful day, but it is a always a day".

Any who, so this week wasn't super exciting. Just another week. I don't really have any super cool stories to share, but I will talk about a few things.

So first matter of exciting business, my permesso is finally ready!!!!! It's been 6 months and I finally will not have to be an illegal immigrant anymore. I'm really excited to head back up to Genova for a day or so. We don't know when exactly we are going yet, but it will be within the next week. I just hope mine doesn't expire in April like Anz. Windley's, he just got his and already has to start renewing it. Fun!! I talked a little about this before, but the Questuras here make the DMV look like paradise. They are so disorganized here. Goodness me. Oh well. 

Next story, so like I mentioned last week, we have our old man friends in centro that we talk to every now and then. So this week, we were talking to them and then one of them took us to this little market they were having in piazza duomo and bought us a loaf of bread. It was so awesome. The reason he bought it was that a few nights before he had bought some and let us have a piece. We said we liked it, because it was good, so he went and bought us a loaf. They are so funny. We sat and talked for a few minutes about random things about America and how in their day, it was a "different time", where they would were short shorts and put a thermas with soup between their legs to keep them warm. These people are crazy! I love them so much. The Italian people really are amazing and super friendly. It is such a different culture here too, so that always gives me a good laugh.

OK, more spiritual matters now. So we have an investigator from El Salvador who is super bravo, but he kind of has a drinking problem. We are really trying to help him so he can be baptised. He has the desire to quit so he can be baptised, but he doesn't think he can physically do it. Sadly, he's kinda been out of work for a while, but luckily for us, that means that we see him a lot on the fiume, so we can talk to him almost every day. He is such a great person and we always joke around together. He told us the other day that he always feels something really good and different when he's with us. We told him that is was the spirit and that he could have it with him always after he gets baptized. I know he will get baptized. Not at this moment in time, but soon. His heart is really sincere. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes your investigator losing his job is a good thing, because now he can come to church and you can see him more. We never know how the Lord will bless us, but we just need to have faith and patience and trust that he WILL bless us. Another thing about him, I always try and speak my very broken Spanish to him, and its just embarrassing. I have literally forgotten everything. I remember certain words and I still understand it really well, but trying to speak it is almost impossible. I guess that's OK because I'm suppose to be speaking Italian, which I am by the way. I am studying everyday Dad and I am SYLing. (Speak Your Language)

Well, other matters of business, I would like your homemade mac'n'cheese recipe mom, thank you!! Also, since everything is on sale right now, and since my luggage is kind of broken, if I find a really good deal on new luggage, I might buy some. That's not for certain, but just a heads up. 

I'm pumped that Kylie got a lot of playing time against SFU, that's awesome. Its always a good day when BYU sports wins. haha. However, I am not surprised that the Kings and Lakers are kind of sucking it up. Its LA-itis as I call it. At least we have the Clippers.That's really cool if Jabari goes on a mission, you will need to let me know what happens with that. Also, Dakota is in the starting 5 at MIT? That's so awesome!!! But good for him for going on a mission. haha. Let me know about him too. Hoping the Dodgers don't be the Dodgers this season, but pick up from where they left off last year. That's so weird to think that the Olympics are going to be starting soon. Let me know how we do, because I will have no clue. USA gold for curling!!!! haha.

I'm praying for you back home that there will be rain. That's awesome that you will be doing a fast. There is power in fasting. I've seen it. Also, I've seen first hand here in Italy how important keeping the sabbath is. Like PMG says, when a country grows careless in their sabbath day practices, all aspects of life are affected. And who needs to watch the super bowl anyway, none of the teams we like are in there. The commercials are funny though. haha.

I'm always glad to hear about the work moving along back home. It's crazy to think that there are 80000 missionaries in countries all around the world doing exactly what I'm doing right now. SO COOL!!!

The pictures from Steven's wedding with the cutouts was hilarious. I had no idea that was at the church though. Holy cow!! Disneyland is too expensive like always and Jude is adorable like always. Happy late birthday Peter!!!! 

Thank you for your emails, I love you all. You are all in my prayers.

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois

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