Friday, January 3, 2014

Capo D'anno! January 1, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, I don't have a lot of time, but I will try to cram it all in. Today was kinda crazy. It's now 2014 and that weird. Even weirder is that fact that I will spend this entire year in Italy. What...

I'm really sad to hear about Grandpa, but I know he is in a better place. This week has really grown my testimony of the plan of salvation. The dad of one of our investigators passed away this week, so we've been really trying to help them. In fact, yesterday we gave her companion a blessing on a scambio with Anz Windley. I got the prompting during the lesson and it was just what he needed.

I made tiramisu again and it was actually not soup this time!! WHOO!!!!! It was the first thing we ate in 2014. New years was loud here and our neighbors kept yelling "auguri!" at us through the window. haha. Then today we went to a members house again for p-day and they stuffed us like crazy. I'm so full....

Also, I've been a little sick this week, so that doesn't really help. But oh well, I'm feeling better though.

It was so great to see and talk to you all last week. All of my comps love you guys and thing that Jason and Peter are super funny. (oh boy...)

I got your package the day after Christmas and it was awesome!!!!!! I loved all the gifts, the TO swag, and the COUNTER!!!!!!! It makes finding work so much better!!!!

I'm sad you didn't get my package yet. I hope it comes soon. Please let me know.

Anz Andersen and I climbed a mountain trying to find one of our less actives. We climbed literally straight up a mountain and couldn't find the house because it was getting dark. We are going to try again this week.

Again, I'm really sorry this is so short, but I don't have a lot of time. My English is terrible, and sorry. Next week should also be interesting because I get to see SEAN!!!!!! I'm so pumped!!!!! WHOO!!!!!

Thank you for your love and support and prayers, I love you all so much.

Buone feste!!
Anziano Langlois

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