Sunday, January 26, 2014

Miracles January 22,2014

Ciao tutti!

Wow! What a week it has been. We've been busy here in Prato and as Dad would say "aaaand loving it." This past week, President Dibb asked us all to redouble our efforts to start off the year right. We promptly accepted this challenge and set to work. We taught a bunch of lessons the first couple days. Then all of a sudden, we saw that our goals were not that far out of sight. So we really pushed the last few days to reach our goal of teaching 15 lessons, and we did it!!! Touch gold comes through again! We got some really good lessons with some members, got a really awesome new investigator and oh yeah, did I mention, taught 15 lessons???? That is the first time I've done that and it was awesome! I was looking back at my Genova days, where we taught 4, 5, maybe 6 lessons a week and I can't believe how much has changed and just how much I've grown. I'm really grateful for my time in Genova. It really taught me to rely on the Lord and to not get discouraged when the times are tough. 

So as I was saying, this week has been crazy. It has literally rained every single day this week. And one of the days, it poured ALL DAY LONG. No joke. It was ridiculous and we are just trying to not get completely soaked everyday. And on top of that, my bike has been broken all week, so that's super fun. My tires have been completely bald for a transfer or so, so I finally decided to get some new ones. But while installing them, we found out that about 10 spokes we're broken on my back wheel. So after popping a new tube in about 5 minutes (a new record I might add. Popped it without even riding it), we decided that we couldn't fix my wheel by ourselves, so I brought it to our bike guy who said he would fix it. Turns out, he couldn't fix it, so he sold me a used one that actually worked. The problem was that it was too wide and didn't fit on my bike, so I had to bring it back again and he fixed it for me (free of charge). After that, I tried putting it on yesterday and it wouldn't tighten. And when we thought it was tight, it wasn't and it slipped out of place before I even got to our gate to leave. So this morning, I re-tightened it, and it seems to be working now. Let's hope it doesn't break on me while I'm riding it. I really don't like bikes, but I kinda have to get used to it. And now I know how to basically build a bike because I've fixed so many things on mine.

Also, to add to all these trials this week, I got sick again. I'm done with being sick. But this time, I was throwing up in the middle of the night, so that's awesome. Meno male, that is past. It was just for that night, but it sucked. I think I am just permanently sick. I can't shake this cold thing. Oh well, It doesn't stop me from going out and preaching the word of God. So my spiritual message this week comes from this crazy week I've had. There was a challenge issued, and we tackled it head on. We were met with a ton of adversity: sickness, bikes, rain, bidone and yet, we didn't let that discourage us and we pushed on. In fact, despite all of this gunk that happened, we remained diligent and reached our goal. I know that this is the Lord's work and that he blesses his servants. I have seen the Lord's hand is this work so much this week. I'm so grateful for my savior and his help. He is so patient with me and I have seen so many blessings as a result of my sometimes slow diligence. I'm not perfect, but I know that through the savior's sacrifice I can slowly become more and more like him. Never give up, even though everything looks bleak, don't ever give up. The Lord will always provide.

OK, random comments now. So my tiramisu I made for new years, we gave to a member family here and when we visited them this week, they told me that it was amazing. They started asking me how I made it. I honestly have no clue how, except luck, lots of failed attempts, and of course, my Hawaiian shirt. So hopefully, I will have at least one thing mastered when I come back home. haha

So I got the Sudre's package this week, so thank you so much for that. I loved the cookies and the Reeses. I miss making Christmas cookies at their house....and then promptly eating them. haha.

I also found out this week something really cool. So in Italian, the day's of the week are Lunedi, Martedi, Mercoledi, etc. So lune means moon. Marte is Mars, Mercolerio or something like that is Mercury. I found out that is literally lines up with a planet each day. So cool right????? I don't know if that's kinda old news for some people, but it was super awesome for me.

Thank you so much for your letters this week. Thank you for the eulogy, I'm excited to read it. Also! Mom, Aunt Mary wrote me this week and she said that she couldn't find my blog, so could you help her out with that. Thanks. I really hope some of the rain we have here can get to you guys there. That drought sounds crazy!!! I guess it wasn't just a famine of hearing the word of God like Amos said. Keep me updated on that, and I want to know about the super bowl when it happens. I can't believe Peyton has still got it. That's awesome for being how old he is. 

Any who, thank you all again so much for your letters, love and support. I cant wait to hear from you all next week!

Speriamo per la pioggia!
Anziano Langlois

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