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The Power Of 3 April 29, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!!

Well, I'm not going to lie, it's been a hard week. On Friday, we lost suddenly one of the missionaries in our apartment, who went home for some personal reasons. I really respect him. That wasn't an easy decision, but it had to be done. I'm very proud of him. Since then, we've been in a trio, which say the least. It's so awkward sometimes. We have yet to find out a good finding technique, because most people are intimidated by two people stopping them, figuriamoci three now! So, we've been trying to split up on opposite sides of the street, switching off between being in two or in one. That is super weird. Stopping someone by yourself. And then its harder to balance out lessons. I feel bad for Anziano Lingardo now, because I want him to be talking a lot more, but now that we have another older missionary (been out for a year), he kinda gets left behind. This is definitely messing up my training plan. I've been praying a lot to figure out what to do, so I know the Lord will help me out. We're still waiting to here from President to let us know what is happening, if we are just staying in a trio or getting a new comp or what. Who knows. Basically, it's been an eventful last transfer.

To answer your questions dad, we teach around 10 lessons a week here. We do not have any progressing investigators here. It's been kinda frustrating because we have some legit people, but we can never see them and the people we do see aren't super committed. We are not getting discouraged though. Anz Lingardo speaks the language well, but he has a hard time understanding what people say, but I'm trying to help him all that I can. I am finding success in making friends with the members. We have few that we see regularly, but we do our best to meet and make friends with the less actives.

Well, not everything this week was bad, in fact, we were able to listen to Elder Bednar on Monday in Milano. It was incredible! I learned so much. I can't even start to explain it all, but please ask me when I get home, because I want to share it all with you. That was a huge boost for our moral. And it was beyond amazing to see all of my old mission friends, even though I did not know more than 75% of the people there. I'm old. haha.

We also had some cool miracles this week.  As I just told you, when we that missionary went home, it was something hard to swallow. We were all shocked and just kinda left in the dust as he left and we found ourselves in a trio. This first day was very difficult. All of our appointments cancelled and we were just all out of it from the initial shock of him leaving so suddenly. We did however, have a huge miracle that came out of this. A few week prior, we received a referral from another coppia in Bergamo. We contacted this man and he was very busy, so we continued to call him and try to set something up. Eventually, we were able to set up an appointment for last Friday. We called him to confirm and he moved our lesson back to 9:00. However, a few hours later, he texted us and invited us to come over for dinner instead at 7:15, so we could meet his family. We gladly accepted and went to his house. Upon our arrival, we met a few of his children, and then they just kept coming. Turns out he and his wife have 7 children, all but one, above the age of 8. We could not believe our eyes. It was incredible. We instantly hit it off with the family and we taught them the restoration and answered their many questions. Upon leaving, we left them with a Book of Mormon and they gladly accepted it. We were not able to set up a return appointment, but we hope to be able to fix one soon in these next few days. It was such a great miracle for us, just went we needed it. Our spirits were low, and the Lord lifted us higher.

Then, earlier that week, we got a referral from one of our members. We went out to this city to meet her and we literally wandered around this small town for an hour lost. Finally, I found a pizzeria and asked them if we could use their map to find this street. hahaha. Smart, right? Well, we found it. Turns out we were super near to it before hand and we just didn't know it. But this lady who we taught in a park near her house is amazing. Her faith was incredible. We had a great lesson and unfortunately, because she lives outside of our area, we had to pass her, but I've learned that doesn't matter because we are all on the same team. So now the sorelle got a totally golden referral.

It's really weird how fast time is going. Thanks for the heads up on the post mission info. Do they have a specific topic for my homecoming? Did you guys make a Facebook event yet? Please do and invite all of my friends!!!

As for Skype, I don't know the plan yet. Because we are in a trio and all from California, it will be weird and a little difficult to work it out the times. I will give the precedence to the other two because I will see you guys soon enough. We will still do it, but it probably won't be for too long. Boh...I will figure it out this week and let you know.

Well, life goes on here in the mission. Things are starting to change. We are officially getting ipads. Don't know when, but they should be getting here soon. Weird. Doesn't really change anything for me, but it is exciting to see how the Lord is hastening his work through technology.

I love you all so very much and I appreciate your prayers in my behalf. Continue to pray for Bergamo 3. We love the support!

Ci vediamo prestissimo!
Anziano Langlois

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