Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's The Final Countdown May 20, 2015

Ciao tutti!!!

Well, this is the second to last email home from the mission field. That's super weird. Literally everyday is going faster and faster and its becoming more and more real that I'm actually coming home, and I don't like it one bit. So let's not talk about that. haha

Tanti auguri a Erin for graduating in smart person stuff!!! Yay Ninanin!!! (She's going to kill me for putting that. haha). You guys are like travel experts right now. I hope you're having fun in New Jersey. I'm in the rain boat too. In fact, its suppose to rain every day until the day I leave. I think Italy is crying for me. haha.

I'm glad to hear about the invites being sent out for my homecoming, I hope that means you guys made a Facebook event and invited everyone.

So this past week I gave my "dying testimony" in front of my zone. It was way harder than I thought it would be! Holy cow. I think I'm literally going to have a heart attack next week when they tell me to get on that plane. I still can't believe how fast time has flown by. It literally blows my mind. 2 years is too short!

Miracle time. The other night, we were able to go give a blessing with a member to his daughter in the hospital, and it was such a tender experience. To hear a father bless his sick daughter and to be a part of that blessing was amazing. The spirit was really strong. I love the priesthood.

Then, here's our super miracle from this week:

Unfortunately we have been having a lot of lessons cancel on us recently and so we've had to really use our backup plans. yesterday, after almost all of our lessons cancelled, we were waiting for a potential to call us when he got back from his friend's house so we could see him. We decided to go out and just do some finding while we were waiting for his call. We didn't really have a set plan on where we would go, but we just picked a street and starting walking. Upon turning the corner, we ran into a member. We talked for a moment and then asked if we could share a quick scripture with her. (This has been my new genius idea. Because we run into a lot of members on the street here, we decided that when we do, we will share a quick spiritual thought with them to bring the spirit more into their day). So we sat down on a park bench and we read a scripture that I had found that morning in my studies (Mosiah 7:33). While she was reading it, she paused and looked up at us with tears in her eyes, and thanked us for sharing that scripture with her, it was exactly what she needed to hear. We then bore our testimonies about diligence and how when we put in all of our effort, the Lord will take care of the rest, according to his will and pleasure. After saying a quick prayer with her, we looked up and saw this couple sitting on a nearby bench. We immediately walked up to them and started up a conversation. As we talked about Jesus Christ and a living prophet, I brought up the Book of Mormon and the husband looked at me and said, "Give me this book now. I want to read it." I didn't have a copy with me, but we were able to set up a return appointment to go see them and their three children in their home next week to give them one. It was such a miracle. I know that we were inspired to go to that street to run into that member and lift her spiritually and then to be in the right place to find that couple. I know that when we are truly diligent, the Lord blesses us in ways that we can't even imagine.

As my time to serve the Lord here in Italy as his personal representative comes to a close, I'm humbled and so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord's people here in Italy.

Time is a crazy thing. I can't even begin to describe my feelings right now. I will see you all very soon. I love you all so much.

alla prossima,
Anziano Langlois

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