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I Can See The End!!...Of The Summer August 27, 2014

Ciao tutti!!!!!

Don't worry, I'm not getting trunky. I'm just super happy that summer is pretty much over. YES!!!!!! The people are slowly coming back from vacation and the weather is getting cooler. It's actually been raining lately and everyone has given up hope on a sunny summer at this point. Apparently, we are in for the coldest winter in 50 years this year, so joy of joys. I'm probably going to be up to my head in snow in my next city. Wherever that is. haha.

Speaking of Lake Como (that's how you spell it), we went there today! We went and took a ferry ride to Bellagio, which is the point of the two parts of the lake that meet. It was really cool. I definitely felt like a tourist today. There was so much English everywhere and it was so weird!!!! I'm not used to it!!!! We did run into 2 members at McDonald's in Milano Centrale today and then we talked to two people while we were waiting for the ferry to come. Missionary work even on p-day! hahaha. I am so in love with Italia. It is so gorgeous. We have to come back and go kayaking on the lake. I wanted to do it today, but we're not allowed. Managia....that's OK though, Dad is always up for fun things like that! haha.

As for the friend requests, just leave them and I will accept them later. It's easier this way.

Please tell any of my friends that you see, especially Tyler and Jeffery, that I say hi and that they should write me!! haha. It's so crazy that school is starting, but what's crazier is the fact that when this year of school ends, so does my mission. How's that for literally no time!!!!! It's super crazy and weird. It only goes faster when you change cities which is bound to happen in about 3 weeks. So basically, life is going way too fast and I'm just trying to keep up! Speaking of keeping up, I loved all the pictures you guys sent me. Atticus is getting cuter every day. I'm curious to see just how much of Erin and Dan's smarts have transferred over. haha.

It's funny how the Lord works sometimes. He often prepares people and puts them in your path and you need to find them. This week, we went over to see an investigator that we haven't seen in a while. Every time we go over, he is busy, so we can never teach him, but he usually has some friends there too that we talk to for a few minutes. This past week was much of the same. We started talking to his friend and we were explaining the Book of Mormon when all of a sudden his neighbor, Marcella, came down and started listening to us from a few feet away. We quickly changed our focus on her and ended up teaching her and had a great conversation with her. She told us that she really wants to come to church, so she is going to call us Saturday and come to church Sunday morning. She said it about 30 times during this 15 minute period, so I think she's going to remember. haha. We also had a similar experience on our scambio with the Capi, where Anz Horrocks and I we're able to teach one of his friends and get his address and phone number. We couldn't set up a return appointment, but he wants us to come over and meet his wife. Crazy miracles happen all around us. You just got to make sure that you are looking for them and take advantage of them when they come.

I absolutely love my life right now. Yes, missionary work is hard, but it's worth it. Totally worth it. 

Lizzy time. I can't believe you're a senior!!!! That's propio nuts!!!!! You are totally still 12 years old in my mind and you always will be. I'm so glad you had a fun time at girls camp. You always loved those kind of things, and good job on the bulls eye. I'm super jealous of your vacation adventures. They always are so much fun with Dad. Also, congrats on finishing band camp. It's the worst, but you're done now! haha. That's cool that your section leader. You're going to kill it. Just be patient with the youngins. The clarinets have always been famous for trouble. haha. Who are the Drum Majors? Probably people I don't know. I don't know anyone anymore. I'm old. You're schedule sounds full, but fun. I love Novak. I'm sad that Btags retired, but Novak is super cool. AP gov/econ is a breeze so don't sweat it. If you could, you should got say hi to some teachers for me and maybe tell them about my blog. Mrs Harrison, Mrs Tompkins, Mr Patenaude, Mrs Waldinger, Mrs Ballard, Mr Korshavn, Mr Holloway, and yes, even the fantastic Mr Peter. He's a goof, but I love him anyway. Of course, tell G I say hi. Just hang in there and work hard!!! And remember, no boys until you get married. Good luck on applications! Tell me how it goes. I hope you can come to BYU, then I can mooch off your meal plan. haha. Thanks for the email and don't forget the picture! But your senior picture is gorgeous! You look amazing. That's my sister alright!!

Well, life is always crazy and there is never enough time. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. This week's pro tip: if you see a pizza menu on the ground, LEAVE IT THERE!!!!!, it's there for a reason. We had a horrible pizza the other night from this random menu we found on the ground. Mistake. BIG mistake. Not a great night. haha. 

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois

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