Thursday, November 7, 2013

Me Dispiace! November 6, 2013

Ciao tutti!!!

I'm really sorry again for a really short letter this week. It was a crazy day because we had planned to go with these member and climb to a castle near their house, but we missed our bus and so we were late and it's just a mess. So I apologize, I literally have like 10 minutes.

So I just want to tell you really quick about a miracle we had this wee this week. So last p-day we were out doing some finding work in centro, when all of a sudden, we stopped this guy and started talking to him. He was pretty cool, but he said he was agnostic. While talking to him, some guy taps Anziano Walker on the shoulder and asks him for a Book of Mormon. So he starts talking to him and I keep talking to the other guy. I taught him the Restoration and then he left and it turns out that Anziano Walker got the info from the other guy and we were going to visit and teach him and his family. So we went over a few days later and he told us that he had a lot of questions. We were a little scared, but then his questions were like "Where can I find the right path to follow?", "What happens to the people who didn't have a chance to hear the gospel after they die" and other golden questions like this. It was an incredible lesson and he accepted the invite to be baptised. We haven't set a date yet, but when we meet with him and his family next time. We definitely will. The Lord really does prepare people for us to teach. It's incredible. I'm so grateful to be a missionary.

Like I said, I don't have a lot of time, but I love you all and I will write you all back next week. Thank you so much for everything! And again, I'm really sorry!

Vi voglio tanto bene,
Anziano Langlois

PS. Here are a few pics of the duomo in Firenze and the castle!
Duomo in Florence


View from the Castle


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