Monday, September 23, 2013

Successo! September 18, 2013

Ciao tutti!!

So this week has been great actually! The work has been hard, but we've actually had a lot of success this week. We went over to this family's house for lunch and we taught their nonmember son and gave him a Book of Mormon. We were on the train with him coming home and when we got off, he was reading it!! So we are super excited about that. Also, his brother who is a member, said that he had a friend who was interested in hearing about our church so we met with him and gave him a Book of Mormon too! He also excepted a soft baptismal invite. ie. when he knows its true, he will get baptized. We didn't set a date yet, but its still really exciting!! The awesome thing was that we got both of those referrals just by teaching the members. We taught them and asked if they had any referrals and we found two new investigators! We also were doing a passby of a meno activo this week, who we had passed by a few times before, but he had never been there. We suoned twice and then Anziano Salmon told to try one last time, so I did, and he answered! He let us in and we taught him a lesson. It was such a miracle for us and for him, because he's been inactive for a long time and he's having a really hard time of his life right now, so I know that the gospel will be able to help him. We are going to see him tonight with a member of consiglio, so I'm excited for that. Yesterday, we were doing church tours because we set up a weekly time to do them, and we had a table in front of the church with a giant whiteboard with the Plan of Salvation drawn out on it, and I must have talked to 50 people in about an hour. We ended up giving one tour and got an appointment for tomorrow! Then when we were doing area book, we set up 2 appointments, which we have never done before, so we have really been blessed this week. Thank you all for your prayers, I know it has played a part in our success. I'm really excited, and I know that if we keep working hard the Lord will continue to bless us.

Lizzy and Dad, so you want to know about food. Well this past week we ate twice at members houses and lets just say, if I ate like that everyday, I would need some new pants. haha. One of the families was from Ecuador, so we had really good rice, beans, and this fried meat. It was so good!! And because I told them that Jason served in Ecuador, they kept telling me all about it and it got me excited, because it sounded awesome! haha Then the next day for lunch we ate with the family that I already mentioned above and we had this really good pasta. Oh man...then these sausages and gelato. I love eating with members, but I'm going to get fat if I keep eating like that. haha. There just isn't enough time in the morning to get full work out. Any tips on a quick work out routine? I'm still trying to figure one out. We have pizza about once a week and it is so good. Everything here is just better. Except hamburgers, America has got Italy beat there. haha. And berries. Our garden kicks Italy's butt.

There are so many things I want to say, but there's not enough time. haha. I'm so excited to hear about everything that's happening back home. Keep those missionaries busy! It's really important to invite people over when you have them over because then its a lot less threatening for the other people. Thank you for sending me President's Snow's words. Its so true. Just reading the words of the Prophets testifies to me of their divine calling. I know that they are called of God and really are his mouthpiece on the Earth.

A sad week in sports. Oh well, I'm used to it. haha. thank you for the report and keep it up! But tell Patrick again to write me!!! I can't wait to see everyone at Christmas, but I know I have a lot of time ahead of me, so I will focus on that. I just want to share a quick analogy that I learned this week:

We are like a radio. We keep on tuning our lives to find the right channel (gospel truth). There is a lot of static and its hard to find the right channel. but as we keep on trying to do the right thing, we will eventually start to hear the channel. The words will be soft at first and you won't hear understand everything, but as you get closer and closer to the right channel, you will hear more and more of the words spoken until you finally have the right channel and you will hear the truth perfectly. 

I hope that made sense. It made sense in my head. And as Erin pointed out to me this week in her letter, my English is pretty bad, so I apologize. haha

I love you all and love hearing from you! Have a great week everyone and keep keeping me updated!

Vi voglio tanto bene!
Anziano Langlois

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