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Life in the Mish September 26, 2013

Ciao tutti!

First of all, I did not get shanghaied by pirates Dad. We had interviews with President Dibb yesterday, so our P-day got moved to today! First of all, tell Brother Lemmon that President Dibb says hi and wants to know when he is coming out on a mission. Also, Sorella Dibb told me that one of their sons served under Elder Hamilton when he was mission president, so they say hi to Elder Hamilton and the Hamilton family in general. Next, is there any update on my people counter mom? I've also decided that for Christmas, you should send me a letter with pictures from my life. I don't really care what they are, I just want more pictures than the two I have. Also! I forgot the past few weeks to send you my address just in case someone wanted to write me. Its as follows:
Via Alfredo Catalani 4/12
Genova 16154 IT

So, this week has been crazy! We've been both not busy at all, and super busy. The beginning of this week was pretty slow. We really didn't have any success with anything and it was hard, but the second half of the week has been great! We now have two solid investigators, both are referrals from a really cool member in our ward. We taught them both this week together and the lesson was awesome. The spirit was super strong and they both committed to read the Book of Mormon to really know, for themselves, if it true or not. When we invited them to baptism, they almost accepted. They want to be more sure first, which makes total sense, because this is a really important thing and it should be taken seriously. We are hopefully going to see them tomorrow or Saturday, and they both said they would come to church so that is super awesome! One of them came last week too. I know I talked about church tours a bit last time, but i want to talk more about it. It is so awesome! It is way more fun than normal strata and it's way more productive. We gave two tours this week and we got a phone number of a lady and her husband who live in our area. She said she would come to church this week, so let's see what happens! While trying to get people to come to the tours, I talked to this old man who had a bright red Mohawk. I'm not kidding you, he literally looked like a troll doll. I then had a 30 minute conversation with him about how the godhead really are separate people, and while he was arguing his point, he disproved himself, but refused to recognize it. It was a little frustrating, but also pretty funny. It turns out that he is a dancer at the discotecas here. I will send you a picture of his business card. It's pretty funny. I would say go look him up on YouTube, but I'm not entirely sure how appropriate it is. haha 

So, I finally got my fingerprints done for my permesso to stay in the country. The post office never sent my or Anziano Erickson's information over to the Questura, so we had to come back a different time than originally planned to get it done. Now I just have to watch a film on how to enroll my kids in school and stuff that really isn't that important to know as a missionary, and then when its ready, I go and pick it up. So that's good. I can stay in the country.

You asked about pesto, and let me tell you about it. I got a pesto pizza from our favorite pizza place and it was incredible. All the other Anziani tried some and they all liked it too. It's really good pesto here, because the best pesto comes from PrĂ , where I go almost everyday. So I am quite lucky. Also, I've decided that Lizzy shouldn't be allowed to come here, because there are literally a million stores for literally everything and she would just have a hay-day. haha. And speaking of shopping, its actually strange, because now I like shopping. I think its because i know I can't buy any of this stuff because I'm a missionary. but everything here is so cool!!! The fashion really is pretty awesome here. Another random thing I learned this week. Genovese, which basically only really old people speak, is essentially Portuguese. So I'm going to try and pick up a little bit, so I can talk to Andy and Seth easier! haha.

Thank you for the super detailed sports report Dad! I'm so pumped that the Dodgers clinched!! I hope they keep it up, I want a world series!!! Keep me updated on the playoffs and I know you will. As for women's soccer, I'm super proud for their comeback win over Oklahoma, and sad about their loss. But oh well, they are still doing great for how many new players they have. I'm sorry to here about Mike getting sick, and I hope he gets better. Please send my love to them and Peggy and the Bowers. I'm so grateful for my testimony of the plan of salvation. It has been such a blessing in my life and I try every day to share the knowledge with the people who are suffering the same things here. the power of a testimony is crazy. Always share your testimony with everyone. It's a great and easy way for people to feel the spirit. That was a cool little history of Thousand Oaks, I kinda wish I could have gone to that. It would have been interesting. Oh yeah! I also heard that in the Holy War we got two touchdowns taken back from the refs, so it sounds like we kinda got gyped. 

Lizzy, hang in there. you can do this. Junior year isn't that hard. hahaha. Just make sure you do you're homework on time. Don't procrastinate!!! I'm glad that Jack is clean now, and tell him Happy Birthday for me. I miss him a lot, because there are German Sheppards everywhere here. None are white, but still. Patrick still needs to write me, so please kindly pass that word on.

I love you all and love hearing from you. My p-day will be back to normal next week, so I will hear from you all then. I wish you the best this week!

Vi voglio bene!!
Anziano Langlois 

PS. I'm going by Langwah now. haha.
PPS. The other pictures are from this city at the edge of our area called Arenzano. That city you see in the background across the bay is Genova. its super long!!!

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