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Moving...Again February 19,2014

Ciao tutti!!

Well, as you might have guessed, I'm getting transferred. I'm leaving good old Prato and going to Pavia. A city that is about 30 minutes outside of Milano. I've had a couple friends in my group serve there, so it should be fun. Basically all I know is that it's a Ward and a bike city and its basically on a hill. Fun!!! My new companion's name is Anziano Parker. He's from the group below me (Anziano Windley's group). I will know more about him after I actually meet him, so stay tuned. In other transfer news, Windley is finally going to his 2nd city after 4 transfers, and he's going to Verona. Andersen and Mallari are staying and both getting companions from Windley's group (they are everywhere!). I think I'm in the same district as the office anziani, so that means I will get mail really fast! haha. I will tell you more about it when I know more. I think it may be snowing there.....I really hope not. It finally stopped raining here and the past few days its been super nice. Not cold at all. I've almost gone outside without a jacket its been so warm.

Any who, a lot happened this week and mostly these past two days. Goodness me. So first of all, the past few weeks I've been talking about a less active that we helped reactivate. Well, after she left her old work, she's been searching for a new one. Last week, literally right after I was done emailing you, I got a call from her saying that she found work! And best of all, she has Sundays off to come to church! Prayers really are answered!!! My mind immediately went back to the blessing that I gave her, that if she had the faith and the desire to come back to church, she would find new work that would allow her to worship the Lord. Heavenly Father is so aware of us, its crazy. He knows each one of us and loves us more than we can understand. He is always aware of our problems and he listens to our prayers. We just need to show the faith necessary to receive the blessings.

Next, the other Anziani had another baptism! He is the Chinese son of one of our members. He just came here from China 6 months ago. He speaks very limited Italian, but he understands it pretty well. The other anziani were teaching him before I got here, but then stopped because it was really hard. But recently, we heard from another member that he wanted to be baptized and go on a mission. So the other anziani jumped back on teaching him and after using Google translate on his phone and Chinese pamphlets and his mother translating, he was ready for baptism. He got baptized this past Sunday and he was all smiles. Every time I would see him at church I would ask him how he was and he would always smile and say "bene" in his funny Chinese accent. After his baptism he got up and bore his testimony that he had written down, with some help from his mom. Oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever heard a more sincere testimony in my life. In his very basic Italian he told us that when he came here from China, he felt sad and homesick, but then when he started coming to church, he felt like he was home again. He called us his home in Italy. It was such a sweet and amazing moment. The spirit was definitely there testifying of the things that he knew were true. Another awesome thing with this baptism is that one of our baptismal dates came! I had to translate everything for him (still hard because I don't remember the English words! haha), but after he said that he really liked our church and that he felt good. We've seen him twice since that and each time he amazes me with how prepared he is and how well he understands the gospel. He will be baptized. Hopefully on my birthday, but if not, then soon after. He is really elect. I'm really sad to say goodbye to him, but he took it really well and said that we will always be brothers. Which is so true. 

Speaking of brothers, I've been thinking about Christopher lately and I'm completely in agreement with you dad. I know that he is doing his job on the other side of the vail and is helping guide me to the people that are ready. Thank you so much for sending me that dedicatory prayer. I'm so grateful for Christopher and the man that I know he is in the spirit world. I can't wait to be able to see him and be a complete family once again.

So, like I said, these past few days have been nuts. So I found out that I was getting transferred yesterday around like 4:00, so right after I found out, we starting calling people to say goodbye and try and see them. Last night we biked to Tullio and Michiela's shop only to have Sel call us right before we went in saying that he wanted to meet us in centro. So we hopped back on our bikes and flew up to centro, taught him, said goodbye, and then raced back down to see Tullio and Michiela. Yesterday was Tullio's birthday so he was really happy to see us. They were pretty sad that I was leaving, but Tullio understood. Michiela however, wanted to call President Dibb to tell him that he made a mistake and that I need to stay there for 2 more months at least. I explained to her about how he is inspired to where we need to go, so she backed off a little. She then cried when I gave her a picture of us with a message on the back. It's so hard to say goodbye to them and to people in general. I have such a great love for these people and its sad to leave them. I know I will see them again, but its still hard. 

Today isn't much easier. Right after internet, we will eat lunch, then run to Firenze for the last time, maybe pick up a tie for my new comp, then run back here. Hop on our bikes and go out to see a member family that called me today and told me that we had to come over and see them before I leave. Then bike back and go see another member. Then go see the Elderly couple and another member, then go to Tullio's for a little birthday party with another member family. Then run home and finish packing. It is a crazy day and I feel like a chicken without my head. Getting transferred is stressful. haha.

OK, now for some silly stories. So this past week I went to Pistoia for a scambio with our DL, Anziano Bartholio. We went to this park, called Duck park, and these ducks were NOT ducks. They were freaking dinosaurs!!! They were huge and they hissed at us and trying to chase us and bite us. I asked a random guy what they were called and he then asked us who we were and we taught him a lesson and he became a new investigator! Best street contact ever! 1 for 1! haha. Then we went and saw this really awesome member from Ghana, Samy. I love Samy. We are super good friends, and I'm going to really miss him. Well anyway, he's been telling me to come over for a while now, so I finally got the chance on our Scambio. We then had the "ka challenge". Basically, he made this super super super hot pepper soup and then we ate it with this weird flour water mixture called bankoo. It was pretty hot, but it wasn't too bad. I guess dad's super peppery eggs when we were growing up helped. haha. After finishing it, he told me that I was "ka". I'm pretty proud. No joke. 

Now you probably won't believe this, but I went to an Asian buffet this week. I know right? SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK!!!! We went with one of the other anziani's investigators and I was a little scared at first, but I just grabbed random stuff and it turned out to be super good. We ate soooo much. My mission is definitely making me a less picky eater. I've been missing out on some good food in my life. Oh well, only almost 20 years too late. haha. Holy cow...I'm almost 20. That's super weird. I can't believe time's gone by that fast. Nuts...

In conclusion, my English is terrible and I'm super busy today. I'm sad to leave Prato, but I'm excited to go to another city. My mission is flying by. I'm probably going to hit my year mark in this next city. WHAT?!?!?!? Don't blink, you'll miss it. Wow. Anyway, thank you for the emails like always. I love you all and I wish you the best in this upcoming week!

Oh yeah! Also, I need you guys to do me a solid. Can you go to Facebook and find out where these 4 friends of mine are on their missions? I've made a list of all the kids in my BYU hall and where they are and I'm just missing these 4. Shane M, Peter N, Keaton B, Seth D. If you could let me know where they are, that would be awesome. Thanks so much in advance!

I love you all and I will hear from you next week! Also!!!!! I want to hear about how the challenge I issued you all went!!! I didn't forget about it! haha

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Langlois

PS. I'm not sending pictures because the internet points are kinda sketch and I don't want to pick up a virus. When I have a safe computer, I will send you some.
Found this on the Italy Milan Mission Blog.

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